Apr 122012

(DemiGodRaven reports some unfortunate news . . .)

Considering that they are one of the loudest and most blast-reliant grind bands out there, the announcement that Mumakil are going to be silent for the next few weeks comes as a bit of a shocker. This is due in part to their drummer developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which makes drumming outright impossible. He showed signs of it recently, and after a visit to the doctor the band was forced to silence their new album recording as well as their upcoming tour. I’ve personally suffered through that right-wrist pain in a very light instance and stopped drumming for about two months. Believe me, the sheer act of attempting to hold a stick during that time frame was torture.

This news sucks, as Mumakil are fucking intense and one of my surface-level grind favorites. They’re obnoxious as all hell. I found them via the Misery Index split they did a few years back and enjoyed the hell out of their 2009 release, Behold The Failure. The song “Barbecue In Bhopal” is a solid forty seconds of ass-whooping before it ends. Actually, the first five or so tracks blur into each other before you see your first real break for all of about . . . five seconds . . . before you’re back into a whirlwind of guitars and screaming.

The band’s official statement was posted on their facebook:

“Unfortunately, we have to cancel everything (recording + tour) here’s the situation :

Last Thursday we started to record drumtracks for our new album. After few hours, Seb suddenly felt a deep pain in his right wrist, affecting the whole arm. He couldn’t play any longer and wasn’t able to hold a drumstick.

After a visit to the hospital, the diagnostic is carpal tunnel syndrome. No short term treatment except taking rest, stop drumming and other activities for 2-3 weeks.

This is really painful and impossible for Seb to play.

We really dont want to give up the tour. But we have no choice. We have to give up both recording and tour. Sorry guys.

See you soon.”

I have no idea if that means they’ll be looking for a new drummer if things get worse, but hey, if you happen to live in Switzerland and drum, it’s time to start working your chops up. Or hell, see if you can come in last minute to help with a tour at least. Until more word comes out from that front, here’s the previously mentioned “Barbecue…”


  1. Ya dude I got that MiseryIndex/Mumakil split too that CD’s Awesome, I also really love their Debut “Customized Warfare” “Behold the Failure” was almost a little too brutally fast for me though!

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