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January 26, 2010 — the day when I first saw and heard 7 Horns 7 Eyes. They were the only local Seattle band on a night that included The Binary Code, Revocation, and Hypno5e. They played last, and I nearly left because I had an early start at work the next day, but I didn’t — and man, was that a piece of good fortune. As I wrote the next day in a review of the show for this site, I was thoroughly blown away: “If merit counts for anything (and unfortunately, it doesn’t always), these hard-working dudes will find a place in the vanguard, and the kind of widespread notice they deserve.”

Since that night, I’ve seen the band put on more riveting live shows and written about them frequently at NCS. They’ve undergone some changes — including the addition of vocalist J.J. “Shiv” Polachek (who has recently become an NCS guest columnist). But perhaps the biggest change is that they’ve signed with Century Media and Basick Records, and they’re on the verge of releasing their debut album, Throes of Absolution: April 24 in North America (Century) and a day earlier in Europe (Basick).

Not all success stories are happy ones (lots of low-talent artists become successful), but this one sure as hell is, and we’re stoked to show our support by streaming the entirety of Throes of Absolution for your listening pleasure.

If you’re new to 7H7E, I’ll say this much for now and save the rest for our review, which will be coming soon: This is a really good album. Jolting stop-start rhythms, dark keyboard atmospherics, thunderous bass-lines, guitar leads and solo’s that go off like fireworks, beastly vocals, swirling melodies, excellent songwriting.

Oh, one more thing: Jeff Loomis makes a guest appearance on “Regeneration”.

Now, without further ado, here’s the music. We’ll bet you haven’t heard anything else like it this year.

7 Horns 7 Eyes – Album Stream by Century Media Records

Throes of Absolution can be ordered from Century Media via this link or from Basick Records at this location. To follow 7H7E, visit their Facebook page.


  1. I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear this album for a long time. Thanks a ton for posting this. \m/

  2. For some unknown reason, that Soundcloud embed doesn’t work for me. :/

    • Sorry dude. As a later comment noted, you might try updating your flash browser plugin.

      • You’re doing the band an injustice. Links to the filenames are right in the source. Meaning ANYONE can rip the entire album right from this page. Thanks for that. (bought it this morning though).

        You may want to take down your streaming player because of this.

        • Soundcloud and Bandcamp aren’t “rip-proof” either. That doesn’t prevent people from hosting stuff on either site.
          People who want to rip songs from streams will find ways to do so. The others will just stream the songs whenever, and maybe even buy the music.

          On a related note, Throes of Absolution by 7 Horns 7 Eyes has been available for streaming/purchase on the Basick Records Bandcamp site for quite a while.

          • Nothing is rip proof. But right click, save as on every track makes it much simpler. And that’s what was going on here.

            I pointed it out as a fellow web dev. When I hosted protected content, I would obscure the source as much as possible. The poster of this content was obviously unaware as to how that particular freely available flash player worked.

            • I’m glad you posted the comment. I should have checked to make sure that player was configured to prevent downloads, like the single-song WordPress player I usually use. I really just wanted to do something that would allow everyone to hear this great album, since the SoundCloud player wasn’t working for all browsers. No good deed goes unpunished, especially when it’s a good deed by a dumbshit.

        • I had no idea — first time I used that multi-song player. It’s gone now, until I can figure out how to make it download-proof. People will have to make do with the SoundCloud player. It works fine with Firefox, but apparently some other browsers aren’t having as much fun with it. I suspect that upgrading to the latest Flash plug-in for your browser should fix the problem.

  3. So many full streams lately! I want to buy all these albums! WHY DO YOU HATE MY WALLET?!?!

  4. See if your flash needs updating? Not sure. Been waiting for this too.

  5. fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for this!!!!!

  6. doesn’t work for me either, “Chrome automatically updates when new versions of Flash Player are available, to protect users with the latest security updates.” so no need to update, hmmm and I can play other stuff on soundcloud quite happily in chrome.
    In confusion I tried this page in Firefox instead to see what happened & it works fine! Some issue with Google chrome or its settings perhaps?

  7. 7 Horns 7 Eyes AND Before the Dawn, within an hour?! One is going weak in the knees… and neck…
    Of course, the summer heat here might be a factor. Nevertheless, one is off to find a wall to pretend to sandblast.
    Good day, sir. And many thanks.

  8. To those who commented earlier about problems with the SoundCloud player, I added the songs in our own player, which seems to work better for some people (eg, Safari users).

  9. Stop giving me more music to buy! I’m broke already.

    Seriously, this fuckin’ rips.

  10. Erection: achieved.
    Tokyo buildings to knock down with it: locked in.
    International news: HERE I COMES!

  11. After hearing Divine Amnesty I was expecting something completely different. Kind of disappointed although it still sounds good.

  12. @islander pre-ordered the album at century media, loved the record from start to finish. Again thanks for this killer recommendation.

  13. Sounding pretty redundant.. You’re right though, I haven’t heard anything this boring this year.

  14. Album sounds excellent, great find.

    Also, I was directed here by MetalSucks. How did I NOT know about your site until now. Great stuff.

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