Apr 242012

(DemiGodRaven brings us news of two new videos . . .)

The Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) / Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) collab known as Storm Corrosion unleashed the video for their song “Drag Ropes” today. I’ve listened to the whole disc, it’s more dark themed prog. The video is about as odd as anything else Steven Wilson has been connected to lately.


Epica’s “Storm The Sorrow” video came out today as well. It comes off of their Requiem For The Indifferent disc. I do have a review of the cd about half written. I am trying desperately to compose coherent thought in order to finish the rest of it. It is, however, the most heavy Epica has been in any traditional sense.



  1. i got no audio on the storm corrosion video

  2. “It comes off of their Requiem For The Indifferent joke.”

    Requiem For The Indifferent disc. May have Freudian slipped that one.

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