May 162012

A389 is a new discovery for me.  A389 is a DIY record label and distro based in Baltimore, Maryland.  I found out about them through a FB post by Masakari, a Cleveland band whose music you should get to know if you don’t already.

Truth is, I’m not familiar with the majority of the bands whose music A389 distributes, because the music tends to be in genres that I don’t follow closely. But I do know about some of them, and the ones I know about are adept at using music to split skulls and ignite the bloodstream.

A389 have just compiled a digital mixtape for free download. There are . . . wait for it . . . 52 tracks on this thing. It includes a mix of previously unreleased or forthcoming songs plus material from recordings that are already in circulation. As before, I didn’t recognize most of the bands on this comp, but the ones I did recognize are strong:

Young And In the Way
Full of Hell
Trapped Under Ice

Now a comp this big will take up some room — 211MB on your hard drive. Fortunately, you don’t have to take the plunge blindly, because A389 is streaming every song on the comp. And after the jump, I’ve picked out a few songs to stream here — yeah, I downloaded this comp already, and I’m glad I did. It’s a mix of styles — death/doom, hardcore, crust-punk, d-beat, grind, and more — and it will beat the holy hell out of you.

To check out the full track list and the song streams at A389, go HERE (you’ll find the download link on that page, too). Now, here are a few tracks I picked out, focusing on some of the forthcoming and previously unreleased material.

Taken from the upcoming self titled 7″/CD

[audio:|titles=Seven Sisters of Sleep – Slower Downer]

ILSA – “Deadbeat’s Ballad”
Taken from the upcoming Intoxicantation 12″
(those who read today’s previous NCS posts have already heard this song, but it’s too good not to repeat)

[audio:|titles=Ilsa – Deadbeat’s Ballad]

GOD’S AMERICA – “Brain Numb”
Taken from the upcoming Our Bones Will Bleach In The Sun 7″

[audio:|titles=Gods America – Brain Numb]

Taken from the upcoming Empire Of Rats 12″

[audio:|titles=Empire of Rats – Untitled]

SHIN TO SHIN – “Don’t Lose Your Way”
Taken from the upcoming Costumes And Masks 12″

[audio:|titles=Shin To Shin – Don’t Lose Your Way]

PHARAOH – “This House Is Doomed”
Taken from the upcoming This House Is Doomed 7″

[audio:|titles=Pharoah – This House Is Doomed]

MASAKARI – “Fight Back”
Forthcoming flexi – originally By Discharge

[audio:|titles=Masakari – Fight Back]

  3 Responses to “FREE SHIT FROM A389”

  1. I only recognize a few of those, but Young and In the Way are an awesome blackened crust band

    • Agree completely. Thinking back to that recent post about band names, theirs is one I’d put in the “misleading” category — sounds like a name for an alt-rock or indie pop outfit.

      • Ive noticed a lot of those bands seem to have stupid names…Deaf Kids…Doctorshopper. Id have completely skipped these bands based on their names

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