May 172012

So there’s this UK band called HacktivistTheMadIsraeli wrote a post about them in January that garnered 83 comments, and I didn’t even write half of them like I usually do. To my rudimentary way of thinking, that means Hacktivist generated some interest, despite the fact that a big chunk of the comments weren’t very nice and despite the fact that Hacktivist combine two dirty words in most elitist metal circles: rap and djent.

I’m all about pandering to the interests of NCS readers. So, I’m writing this post despite the fact that all I have is a riff test that Hacktivist posted today, a riff test that lasts only 1 minute and 17 seconds — and that’s including a synth intro and outro (yes, apparently even riff tests require intro’s and outro’s). And no rap.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

As far as I know, Hacktivist have still not made any music available that you can buy/download/steal for your very own. But they seem to be drawing closer to finishing an EP that will include a song that will include that riff test, plus this:


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  1. Well, that was pointless.

    So here are some random facts instead:

    There are only 2 species of poisonous snakes in the world.

    The highest wave ever recorded reached a height of over 1700 ft.

    The first couple to be show sharing a bed on US tv were The Flintstones.

    The half-life of Cobalt 60 is 5.26 years.

  2. This is Linkin Park if they had actual talent and a message. That being said, it’s a step in the right direction. I still hate djent.

  3. Wait…you mean this band wasnt just an alcohol induced hallucination?

  4. Haters gonna hate. This band rules.

    This is the expected direction of djent, and I think they have a unique sound with a profound sense of drama to it. Get used to complaining, cause I’m reviewing this EP.

  5. Hahahahahahaha, oh lordy

  6. I am genuinely looking forward to whatever it is they plan to be putting out in the near future.

    • You aren’t alone. That YouTube clip, from a band with no music releases at all (yet), has roughly 138,000 YouTube hits. I want to hear it, too. So does TheMadIsraeli. That makes 3 of us around here (and possibly only 3 of us).

  7. Kinda…poppy, I guess?

    I think the problem with rap-metal is not that it’s rap-metal, but that it often seems to lack the…GRRRRR of both rap and metal. I think that RatM pulled it off because Zach de la Rocha sounded seriously fucking just PISSED all the goddamn time–like a good metal vocalist should. Even though he never used a death growl (or some shitty clean singing–which is to say clean singing that is shitty, not that all clean singing is shitty), he sounded like he was about to burst out of the speakers and chock you with his fist.

    And Tom Morrello made his guitar do things that while maybe not technically impressive (I have no fucking if they were impressive or not), made it sound as the guitar were an exploding pot of magic explode-y stuff and he were the only wizard mad and genius enough to control and manipulate the explosion.

    I don’t get that from Hacktivist. Or, really, from any other rap-metal that I’ve heard. I can’t blame anyone for trying NOT to sound like RatM, but that’s still who I will ultimately judge them against.

  8. As a lover of both rap and Metal, I couldn’t agree more.

    The only band I’ve heard that in my opinion perfectly meshed the two was classic SlipKnot and I realize they’re really unpopular with the cool metal kids, but what the hell. Corey Taylor was a fucked up, angry motherfucker who didn’t know how to scream technically or anything like that and just ripped out his vocal chords yelling with all the bile and venom he could muster.

    Also, The Hacktivist’s existence just goes to prove my theory that Djent is basically “Tech Nu Metal”. Whenever I listen to Djent I hear grooves I heard in the bands I grew up with, but with that “djent tone” (which I really don’t like btw). Now they’re recycling the rap part, except those rappers fucking suck and the djent part are just riffs stolen from Monuments.

    Also, The Hacktivist reminds me of this gem:


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