May 182012

I have at least one of these moments every day, and usually more than one: when I feel like a moron.  I just had my first one for today.  I watched the first official video from Finland’s Ghoul Patrol and realized how stupid I was for not listening to their debut album, Ghoul Patrol, when it came out last fall (on the Spinefarm label).  Because this song is a goddamned headbanger’s delight.

Seriously, if you can keep still while hearing this song, then your bondage gear is on too tight. It’s some mighty fine death ‘n’ roll that ought to give you an acute case of sore neck syndrome in no time at all.

And the video is hilarious, from the first “moooooooo” to the last one.

I’ve been waxing nostalgic about my youth in Texas recently, but one thing I never got into was country western dancing. That kind of music wasn’t the kind of country I liked, and the kind of bars and dancehalls where people did that kind of thing were full of  . . . not really my kind of people. Now, if they’d been line dancing to music like Ghoul Patrol’s, I’d have had a whole different feeling about it.

Truly an inspired video.  And to think that it took a metal band from Finland (or at least a Finnish video production company) to come up with the idea.  Watch it after the jump, especially if you know what line dancing is.


Check out Ghoul Patrol on facebook here.


  1. What a great way to start the fucking day!

  2. Wait. Did Finland just gank the very last drop of fun Americana culture?

    Goddamnit, Scandinavia, it wasn’t enough that you had like half of the great bands? Now you have to start taking OUR fucked up shit and making it even cooler than we could? Next, you’ll be making mad crazy gas-guzzling cars that poop rainbows and lollipops and somehow don’t pollute at all. Seriously, fuck you guys.


  3. “You had me at ‘Moo’.” 😀 The dancing doesn’t look in-time though. But, what does one know about line dancing…

    Also: “Ghost Brigade” & “Ghoul Patrol” – might there be a connection? Hmm…

  4. So. Much. AWESOME!

  5. Hmmmm….

    Okay, so if Ghoul Patrol has line dancing, I guess bands like Korpiklaani or Finntroll should have polka. I won’t wish disco or interpretive dance on any Finnish bands. Even the crappy Finnish band or two that exist (sheer odds say that there must be, and personally I don’t consider the likes of HIM or Lordi as really terrbible bands) deserve better than the dregs of American dance culture.

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