May 252012

Take an Arabic-sounding melody, wrap it up in blazing, unpredictable fretwork and frenzied drumming, add an array of vocal stylings (guttural gurgles, throaty howls, clean chants), and then accelerate the fucker — and what do you have? You have the new song by Nile: “The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased,” the second track off of At the Gate of Sethu.

The song just got its exclusive premiere at Noisecreep, and you really should go hear it if you have any affinity at all for tech-death, because it is a fascinating listen. Then come back here and share with us your reactions. (I could just borrow the Noisecreep player and stick it up here at NCS so you wouldn’t have to look at all the photos of Adam Lambert, Kenny Chesney, and Steven Tyler on that Noisecreep page, but I decided not to be a dick for a change.)

At the Gates of Sethu will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on June 29 (Europe) and July 3 (North America). The handsome cover art (there are two versions) was created by Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh). Check out the other version after the jump, along with a nice photo of Nile.



  1. Forgot to mention that the cover art at the top of the post is for the European CD jewel-case version of the release. The other version is for the digipak release in both NorthAm and Europe.

  2. I just made dodo in my pants!!!! fuck yeah!!!!! Me getting this!!!!

  3. Dallas looks much better with sunglasses, George is going bald, and Karl Sanders is still fat. As for the song itself, it sounds far too clean for my taste.

    • As Kazz notes below, it’s definitely a switch. I’m pretty conservative with bands I really like (ie, resistant to change), but maybe that’s because so many changes are for the worse. But this sounds like a natural shift to me, a progression of what Nile has been about without a loss of what made them so strikingly good. But yeah, I can see how this may be controversial.

  4. I like the song. It seems like they switched things up a bit. I’ve tried and tried and tried to get into Nile, and I think it’s finally starting to happen recently. I’m excited.

  5. I fucking love Nile!

  6. That guitar tone blows. The entire production blows in fact – which has always been my problem with Nile.

  7. I like the tune, I’m not a fan of the production. While the guitars are sharper and more articulate (and work better for their particular style), they’re also a bit buried in the mix here and there, as are the vocals in spots.

    Interesting and somewhat refreshing vocal direction for them however. I’m sure this will be the start of people calling them sellouts. 😛

  8. Well I think This song sounds Baadass!! Nile is finally making some changes to expand on their sound, for me nile was starting to get a little stagnant a few records back, I really like whom the gods detest, but this one, is gonna be just fuckn epic! I can feel it!

  9. I never really got into Nile either, but, for the life of me, I can’t explain why. They have everything I like, but for some reason, I never really felt compelled to listen to their music.

    This song might grow on me, but I’m still not feeling compelled…

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