Jun 042012

(groverXIII bringeth you the free shith from three bands. . . .)

Hey there, party people. It’s your old pal, groverXIII, back with some more free goodness for you all, because I love each and every one of you like you were my own diseased, dysfunctional children. Let’s get this shit started!


Philadelphia-spawned Infiltrator have released a free two-song demo, and you may be wondering why this is noteworthy. Well, it’s noteworthy because Infiltrator play dirty, breakneck thrash metal rooted firmly in the old-school, and it’s some of the best thrash metal of the year thus far. It’s really a pity that the demo is only two tracks, because the two tracks here are fantastic. There’s an abundance of memorable melodies, and the tracks are actually fairly long for thrash songs, with both tracks spanning more than five minutes, but there’s enough substance here to keep you interested. You can get the demo free at Infiltrator’s Bandcamp page.


(Infiltrator’s Facebook page is here.)



Ocean Architecture are a prog-metal band from Murfreesboro, TN, and upon initial listens to their debut Animus, it’s very easy to compare the band to Between The Buried And Me. There are a lot of similarities, outwardly, with expansive and varied song structures, clean vocals, and keyboards, but at the same time, Ocean Architecture do things differently. There’s a lot less chaos to the music, and harsh vocals aren’t used as much; they’re definitely going a bit heavier on the progressive side of things.

Production-wise, Animus is a bit rough around the edges, with the guitars and bass a bit low in the mix, but it’s a minor complaint. These guys are quite talented, and in spite of the comparisons I made earlier, don’t dismiss them as a BTBAM clone, because they are anything but. You can get Animus for free at Ocean Architecture’s Bandcamp page.

(You can find Ocean Architecture on Facebook through this link.)


We’ll finish things up with The Seer, a symphonic death/black metal band from Newcastle who recently released the three-track single Timeless. Of the three bands mentioned here, The Seer are definitely the most polished, with sweeping orchestral synths punctuating heavy melodeath riffs and underscored by some wonderfully beefy drums. The black metal influences are quite noticeable, especially when you consider that the third track is a cover of Emperor’s ‘In The Wordless Chamber’, but the vocals and many of the riffs reside more in death metal territory. Also, the guitar solo toward the end of ‘Eternal Cataclysm’ is fucking fantastic. You can get Timeless for free at The Seer’s Bandcamp page.

(Check out The Seer on Facebook via this link.)


  1. Infiltrator sounds fucking awesome, The Seer is Satan damned nice too !

  2. 666INFILTRATOR666

  3. The Seer are from Newcastle in Australia not U.K

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