Jun 102012

I came across this song and video after I had finished the post that preceded this one today, or I would have included it there. On the other hand, that post was pretty long anyway, and besides, this song deserves a spotlight of its own.

The band is Apostate. They’re from Prague in the Czech Republic. Almost exactly a year ago, I reviewed their debut EP, Seaborne. They’re now putting the finishing touches on a follow-up, five-song EP called Λ ♦ Λ ♦ Ø.

Near the end of last week, they put up a video in collaboration with Vice magazine for the first track on the new EP, “The Town”. I’ve been listening to it over and over again since yesterday afternoon. It’s a beautiful piece of music — beautifully imagined and beautifully rendered. It’s almost entirely instrumental, in a style I suppose could be branded post-rock, until the explosion near the end (and I love that they ended it the way they did). 

There were hints of this kind of song in Seaborne, but in most ways it seems quite different to me, and makes me even more curious to see what else Apostate have gotten themselves into on Λ ♦ Λ ♦ Ø. They’re showing that, musically, they’re mature way beyond their years.

The video shows the band playing the song in what looks like a rehearsal studio, with no distractions from the music other than the sights of some serious dudes playing some serious music, which works just fine. Check it it out following the jump and let me know what you think.

UPDATE! Apostate has just made “the Town” available for free download on bandcamp (though I’d encourage you to chip in some bucks to help the band finish recording their latest release). HERE is the link for that.


Find out more about Apostate on their Facebook page.

  8 Responses to “APOSTATE: “THE TOWN””

  1. Holy fuck, that was amazing. It was like Solstafir, but…just…kinda angrier.

    • The instrumental part is so cool, and it would have been a fine song if it had just stayed that way to the end, but the unexpected angry eruption at the end really sealed the deal for me.

  2. Oooo, yes, I liked that very much. Reminded me of Iron Thrones a bit. Beautiful, moody, melodic, and crushing.

  3. How exactly do you pronounce that title?

  4. If you liked this then you will absolutely fucking LOVE this single by Atomis. You have to listen to this (free) song, and you have to listen to all of it, and you will fall in love with it.


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