Jun 122012

This is a day for album reviews at NCS. We started with Andy’s SYNN REPORT on V.A.S.T., and a couple more are on the way. But I thought I’d mix things up a bit by posting two videos before the next review appears. These are not new, but they made this grey Seattle day brighter for me, and I thought they might brighten your day, too, unless you’ve already been staring at the sun, in which case I guess you probably can’t read this. You could get a friend to play the videos and just listen while you get used to your new burned-out retinas.


Until yesterday I had never heard of this band. I found them through a Facebook link from XII Boar. The link took me to a video for a song called “Horeswhipper”. With a name like that, I had this powerful psychic intuition that I would like it, because in general I like metal that makes me feel like I’m being horsewhipped. And no, I’m not into BDSM, or maybe I am and just don’t realize it.

Anyway, I think maybe one reason I liked it so much is because I had been listening to Borracho, and I think their music re-aligned my neurons into a configuration that increased receptivity to this song. Or it could have been because the song is such a titanic riff-fest, with such attention-riveting dynamics and acidified by punk-like vocal snarls and balls-out attitude. Headbanger heaven.

Looks like ASG is set to record their fist album for Relapse Records (you can get details about that and more info about ASG on Facebook). I need to find out more about their music. Any ASG fans out there?



I vaguely remember a day when I appreciated The Beatles, but I can’t listen to their music any more. Given what’s happened to me since I started consuming excessive amounts of extreme metal, it’s just too fucking dull. It’s probably the same kind of reaction a meth head has when offered weak beer and half a joint, though I wouldn’t really know.

Anyway, I think I would start listening to The Beatles again if they sounded like this. The video is fucken hilarious, especially the crowd reactions in the context of this music dub. Actually, the mere thought of Ringo kickin’ out some double-bass action gives me the nitrous oxide giggles.

The video seems to have been around for a while, but it’s gold, Jerry, gold (and my thanks go out to Rev. Will for sending me the link to this).


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  1. I saw the post about ASG yesterday and forgot to listen to the video later. Having rectified that now, I can definitively say that this is how stoner rock should be done.

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