Jun 182012

This is just a quick news flash:

Our friends at Metal Sucks today began exclusively streaming the entirety of Reign Supreme, the new album from Dying Fetus that will be officially released tomorrow. Follow this link to hear it. You’ll be glad you did.

Also today, AOL Music began streaming Eremita, the new album from Ihsahn. I found out about this from Metal Sucks as well. As Anso DF correctly notes in his brief notice, AOL Music really does have this legend appearing below the album cover for Eremita: “Sounds Like: Daughtry, Metallica”.  No shit. It would be fun to see the reactions of Daughtry and Metallica fans to this album.

On second thought, no it wouldn’t.

Anyway, you can (and should) hear the Eremita stream at this location.

That is all.


  1. AOL: Is it metal? Then it sounds like Daughtry and Metallica. Those are probably their only two points of reference to heavy music. Although, granted, I don’t know much about Daughtry, but I didn’t think he was particularly heavy.

  2. “Eremita” is a good album, but a minor disappointment after the greatness of “After”. I suppose it would be a tough act to follow, though. Full analysis will be forthcoming soon.

  3. Holy fuck was shouted and a change of pants!!!!! both awesome records!!!!!

  4. Eremita. This could be the best thing Ive heard in a long ass time. The eagle and the snake touched my soul, I almost felt my psyche destroying universes. holy shit

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