Jun 192012

For those of you who had the self-restraint not to go download the leak of Gojira’s new album L’Enfant Sauvage, I’m very pleased to inform you that the entire album began streaming at MusicRadar.com today.

Fortunately, the SoundCloud player with the album stream is embeddable, and so I’ve embedded it after the jump.

We will have multiple reviews of the album up here on NCS in the near future. And on the subject of that leak, I really hope that if you enjoy the music, you’ll spend the money and buy it. This band deserves that much respect. Pre-orders can be made HERE.

Check out the music . . .now . . .



  1. All I’m going to say is: GOJIRA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thirty seconds into the first track my phone crashed and I had to do a hard reboot to get back online. I expect the same thing to happen to my brain on August 1.

  3. I ordered the cd/dvd/tshirt bundle from their website a few weeks ago and now 26th June can’t come soon enough!! Is this the most obvious candidate for album of the year ever?

    • Definitely one of my candidates. I ordered that same bundle, and am looking forward to wearing that shirt when these guys roll through town on the LoG/Dethklok tour.

  4. Between this and Ihsahn, my brain has been masturbated to a point of serial killer like elation

  5. My expectations had been tempered by some early critic reactions, but goddamn I’m loving this. Already on my second listen…

  6. Blows. Too much melody. Not enough blast. Mars to Serious is ten times better. They caught the water-it-down disease from Meshuggah.

    • [From Mars to Sirius, you mean. Anyway…]
      Admittedly, L’enfant Sauvage doesn’t grab like From Mars to Sirius did. [One is more partial to The Link though] And it is significant style change. But, considering that it’s been 7 years, and that we listened to that album first, it’s to be expected.
      Of course, this sounds quite different from that album – but watered-down?

  7. Gojira music band! They are complete hot and fucking music brand. I like to hear and watch their album though I would sure collect their new L’Enfant Sauvage, album for me. Thanks!

  8. Finally got around to listening to this today. They have such a wonderfully-distinctive, heavy sound. Love it.

  9. I’m surprisingly OK with this. Figured I’d give it a shot, everyone is talking about it. Never was really into Gojira before. Not bad so far, about 3 songs in as of writing. I’m actually enjoying the vocal performances more than the music though. We’ll see how the rest of the album goes.

  10. DAMMIT! One just noticed that track #2 “L’enfant Sauvage” is not in this playlist.
    Full album stream, my arse… Been listening to it all day. Now one has to start over, and will have to pause after #1 to go over to the stream for #2 every time. (-_- #)

  11. How did I miss this up until now?

    Oh, wait… work. That’s it. Fuck.

    This kicks ass. To the top of the “to get” list it goes.

    • Work? You work? You mean you’re not one of the idle rich like the rest of us around here? I obviously need to reinforce the NCS riff-raff barriers.

      • Dude, did you finally get that bag of gold dust and snort it or something?

        Oh, and what kind of pay are we talking about here? I know I’m not around as much, but I would think that I could get some back pay or royalties – especially considering that NCS is one of the sites I do try to at least visit on a regular basis when I have time to get shit done online that’s checking how much spam I have in my inbox or how pathetic my checking accout looks.

        If that doesn’t work… well, I know what you let that loris do. That should buy me something, right?

        • Well, since you’ve probably been visiting this site longer than anyone else who is still around, I guess I can give you a free pass. But at least take a shower every now and then.

          Also, fuck those people in Africa who won’t send me my bags of gold dust.

          Also, don’t believe anything the lorises tell you. They’re liars, I tell you, liars, all of them. Especially the one that’s wearing that ring I gave her.

  12. I feel just strange being the only one that doesn’t like Gojira’s new album, even though they’ve long been my favorite band and I’ve waited for this album for two years. It seems much more of a lateral shift, and installment, rather than any sort of progression. I compare it somewhat to what The Hunter was to Mastodon- an album bringing back the basics but not particularly doing anything to retain their title of greatness.

    By no means is this a bad metal album, Gojira still tops most of what else is available, but I just can’t seem to find anything here worth re-listening to, let alone have any of it sticking in my head.

    Is it the new producer that wants them to be mainstream? Is it the band’s age, whittling away at their ferocity?

    And since when does Gojira end their album with a 5-minute-and-23-second song?

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