Jun 192012

Thank you, thank you DECIBLOG!

Thanks to the DECIBLOG, I discovered that Arte Live Web has uploaded multi-camera, professionally filmed video of complete live sets from HELLFEST 2012, which took place in Clisson, France on June 15-17, 2012. I’ve only watched parts of a few so far, including the Napalm Death set that DECIBLOG featured, but the quality is outstanding. So are the bands whose performances are captured at the Arte Live site. They include (to name the ones most interesting to me):

Lock Up
Sacred Reich
Dropkick Murphys
Heaven Shall Burn

Go HERE to access all of these performances, and more (some are still being uploaded). If you’d like a taste first, I’m including the Nasum footage right after the jump.

  4 Responses to “HELLFEST LIVE!”

  1. this alongside the news of GOJIRA’s streaming the new album, all I can say is HOLY MOTHER OF ALL FUCKS!!!! This just made made my day much much much better

  2. Where the player is supposed to be, I see nothing dark, black darkness. Like looking into the depths of hell. But after Satan forgot to pay the gas bill and they turned off all the fire.

    • Hmmmm. Another one of those damned geographical restrictions maybe? I don’t know . . . I’m seeing it. You might use that link in the post and go to the Arte Live site and see what shows up there.

  3. Well, that Dropkick Murphys set was glorious! And the new song they played sounded really good

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