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The truth is, I didn’t start this blog to please anyone but myself, and even today I and the other writers mostly focus on what WE care about, rather than on what we think will make other people happy with us. But over time, as the blog’s audience has grown, I’ve come to care in a borderline-unhealthy way about the site’s traffic statistics and about what our readers think of what we write.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to start making changes in an effort to suck in more page views — the central idea is still to write what we think is worth writing, and people will either be drawn to it or they won’t. But I’m still really curious about what our readers think, what they like and dislike, and yes, how we might improve the site.

SO, I’ve come up with a series of questions, and I’d be really grateful if you’d answer them. I’ve tried to make this poll as simple as possible. Anyone can answer them — you don’t need to register or give any identifying information, and your answers will be completely anonymous. It won’t take long to fill out the form, and you can even see the poll results as they accumulate.

I’ve set this up so the poll will remain open for one week from today, after which I’ll compile the results, publish them in a forthcoming post, and then probably ignore them as we move forward into the great unknown future.

In some of these questions, you may not see an answer that best suits the way you think, or you may not see a question that you think we should be asking. So please leave comments if you’d like to express an opinion about NCS that we haven’t covered in this poll.

Also, because this is the first time I’ve used this polling software, there could be technical difficulties. If you encounter any technical trouble, try holding down the CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE + F5 + CAPS LOCK keys while moistening a finger on your non-typing hand and inserting it in your rectum, and THEN click the mouse with your nose.

Okie dokie, let’s get to it!


Please answer the following questions in the way that best expresses what you think and your own behavior.

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  1. Crikey, i just sat through an eartquake.. no shit!!

  2. Why wasn’t there an option for brutal death metal? Or is that considered old school death metal?

    I’m thinking of bands like Abominable Putridity and Abysmal Torment and (kind of, but maybe not in the same genre) Origin.

    Also, if I promise to write one new review a week, will you add an option to have Phro drink a bottle of whiskey and then try to rape a panda with an elephant dong. Because I’d vote for that.

  3. Wow, 100% of people have responded that they visit every day.

    Wait, I guess that makes sense — for anyone who’s responded this quickly.


  4. I’m not afraid to admit I have to visit this site once or twice within the hour!!!! I can’t live without NCS!!!!!!! I’ve I become a fanboy???? @islander keep the good work Cheers from Dominican Republic!!!!!

  5. Answered as truly as I could. ’tis a wonderful site here, and had I not started my own, I certainly could have made this a more permanent home. I suppose I just like to have something that is my own.

  6. I am probably the only person who voted for Metalcore. Don’t even care tho, gonna party like it’s 2004.

  7. Man, NCS is where I invest my time when I actually want to read something good… or something with gross humour.

  8. Where is the option for nu-metal?

    Seriously, I was in Fopp yesterday and was legitimately tempted by the new Spineshank album. Though I ended up buying new Ihsahn and Whitechapel instead.

  9. I listen exclusively to iwrestledabearonce. Why isn’t there an option for this? I know you write the blog mostly as an esoteric exercise, but that just seems like your trying to lose your audience.

  10. Question: What would the benefits of Disqus give that you don’t already have on your site? I’m not a fan of using it personally, just wondering what your perspective/idea was on it as a page owner.

    • I’ve had a few people e-mail me in the past saying I should add DISQUS, because they’re already registered as DISQUS users and it would prevent them having to register here and remember their log-in info every time they want to leave a comment. I haven’t yet figured out whether it’s possible to add DISQUS without fucking up the current comment system. I definitely don’t want currently registered readers to have to start all over again.

      • People log in here? It just saves my name and email in the comment section. I must be doing something wrong, lol.



  12. Great. I write, by far, the least popular types of articles!

  13. I have a request.


    Continue being awesome.

  14. I was shocked at the results of the first question, then I realized it makes perfect sense.
    Thoroughly appreciate Islander, every article contributor, and all the commenters for making this site worth the bandwidth.
    One Question: Did you not put Hardcore as genre choice on purpose? I recall articles about it from time to time. If it’s not out of the question, I would like more periodic posts on that topic if it happens to strike you. It’s not my favorite genre, but I like how NCS reaches on many different styles and facets of extreme music (you guys are among the best at it on the web) and the authors always have interesting points of view on bands throughout the heavy music spectrum; I would like that tradition to continue.
    I hope whatever changes you decide to implement brings future success. Keep Up The Metal.

    • I assumed that it was just lumped together (as it often is) with crust/punk.

      • Thanks for that attempt at a save, but I really just fucked up in not including straight hardcore as a genre choice. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t really consider hardcore part of crust/punk, though I acknowledge that the lines can be blurred and that there was (and still is) a lot of cross-pollination among them.

    • Yeah, the leading answer to the first question does make sense, but we’re not even through the full first day of the poll. Hand jobs could make a big cumback.

      Omitting hardcore was just another one of my oversights. We have featured hardcore bands every now and then on the site, but I feel like I and the regular writers haven’t really stayed current with that scene (which is why we don’t write about the bands frequently). But I didn’t mean to imply that we would just ignore it. At least speaking for myself, I’d like to continue including it, at some level, in what we’re doing here. I still have immense respect for the no-bullshit honesty of hardcore music as it’s meant to be played.

      As always, I really appreciate your support and am glad you’re still with us.

  15. I don’t have a sister, take that Phro! Also, this made me laugh when I read the choices.

  16. This is probably an improper time to be all Professor Priss, Doctor of Pedantry, but I’d say Mitochondrion and Dragged Into Sunlight are just death metal, albeit very left-field death metal. Antediluvian is the same but for black metal, and Diocletian is what happens when more than two people w/ stiffies for Blasphemy get together in one place. Picked that option, in any case.

    Oh, and an option for trad/heavy metal is conspicuously absent

  17. When I saw that you were having a poll the first thing that came to me was “Recommend Disqus”
    Glad to see that it was in the poll, you’re just one step ahead of everybody

  18. I was just looking at some of the results, and its seems that about 1/3 of the people who responded to the question would like to see negative reviews. I would like to suggest that if negative reviews are to become a thing, they should be both hilarious and completely irrelevant. Like reviews of Tibetan chants or something, but the reviewers MUST judge the album/music in question through the lenses of metal.

    For example:

    I just picked up the new, (allegedly) brutal album by Adele. I gotta say that, despite my expectations, whoever she hired to do the riffs just fucking sucks. The asshole doesn’t even know how to palm mute as near as I can tell. And, while clean singing might be expected, I was looking forward to the rumored growls that Adele has been practicing in order to add some dimension to her relatively one-dimensional vocals thus far. The drums were interesting for a metal album, as there wasn’t a single blast beat to be found. Personally, I don’t mind some experimentation, but, come on guys, there’s experimentation and then there’s letting limp spaghetti play drums for you. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this release. It’s so typical of the contemporary metalcore, phone-it-in-and-spend-more-time-on-your-hair-than-on-the-riffs attitude.
    New Adele release: 1 pickle out of a whole sandwich.

    • Honestly, this is probably one of those poll results I will probably just ignore. I’m pretty wedded to the idea of staying positive and leaving the trashing of bands to other sites. About the only exception I can possibly stomach are albums by really big-name bands who’ve got it made and yet produce awful albums (we’ve done this kind of thing a few times in the past).


    *to 100!

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