Jun 232012

More than once in NCS posts, I’ve bemoaned the fact that the good ole U.S. of A. is largely lacking in the kind of big, multi-day outdoor metal festivals that happen during the summer elsewhere in the world, and mainly in Europe. One of these days, I’m going to make the trek and take in the experience up close and personal. Until then, I’ll just bitch.

One of the biggest Euro festivals is going on right now in Dessel, Belgium: the Graspop Metal Meeting, 2012 edition. And earlier today I discovered the next best thing to being there: watching the festival on my computer in real time.

Yep, the Skynet.be web site is streaming most of the performances in high quality, as it happens, with multiple camera angles on the stage and in the audience. Just before pausing to write this post, I was watching All Shall Perish fuck shit up. Still to come tonight (based on the schedule I found at that site): Exodus, Comeback Kid, My Dying Bride, Fear Factory, and Pennywise. Dimmu Borgir is also on the schedule tonight, but it looks like that show won’t be streamed.

But check this out: At 7:50 pm (19:50) tomorrow night (June 24), Belgium time, Gojira will be performing! That’s 10:50 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. 

To help you figure out when this will be happening where you live, the time zone in Belgium is UTC/GMT + 2:00 (Pacific Daylight Time is UTC/GMT – 7:00 (9 hours earlier). If you know what time zone you’re in based on UTC time, you can figure out when the Gojira stream will begin where you live. And if you don’t know your UTC time zone, you can find that here.

But Gojira isn’t the only noteworthy band whose performance will be live-streamed tomorrow. The schedule also includes Cancer Bats, Behemoth, Children of Bodom, and Hatebreed, among others (though it looks like Behemoth will be playing on a different stage at the same time as Gojira).

To check out the schedule and find the live stream GO HERE.

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