Jul 152012

I would like to chalk this up to the benefits of clean living, but who am I kidding? It’s just more of the dumb luck with which my entire life seems to have been blessed.

So, I’m sitting around feeling all mopey and disgusted because of some news I saw this morning that turned an inspiring metal story into what looks like a big fuckin’ con job . . . which will be described in tomorrow’s first post. And on top of that, a run of five straight days of glorious weather in Seattle has been interrupted with some gray dankness up in the sky this morning. In a nutshell, I needed some cheering up, pronto.

And then what should appear in my e-mail in-box at just the right moment but a message from Finnish NCS fan jeimssi with a link to a brand new Mors Subita video, which includes some film made by jeimssi himself.

I pressed play, and suddenly I perked right up, I got the big smiley face, I banged my fuckin’ head. I barely resisted the urge to rip off my headphones, grab a brew, put the music on the external speakers, and start finding shit in my house to bust up — an urge I resisted at the last minute only after remembering that it’s 7:45 in the fucken morning and my wife is still asleep. That was a near thing, as in a near-death experience, as in yours truly coming THAT close to being the victim of a spousal homicide.

The video is a montage of clips from a Mors Subita tour that includes electro-charged Mors Subita metal, drinking, dry heaving, crotch-grabbing, more metal, drinking, hamming it up, more metal, bus-riding, drinking, and drinking.

I’m still waiting for a video of a Finnish band discussing particle physics instead of . . . drinking . . . you know, just for a change of pace. Not that a discussion of particle physics would be more fun than this video, but it would make it less likely that I would become a victim of spousal homicide, because one of these days I’m going to cross the line before I gather my wits and I won’t even be around to write my obituary for NCS.

Here’s the video, and for my review of the band’s killer 2011 album Human Waste Compression, go here. And below that I might as well also include the Mors Subita track that made our list of 2011’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs.



[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Mors-Subita-01-The-Sermon.mp3|titles=Mors Subita – The Sermon]

  8 Responses to “OH THOSE CRAZY FINNS!”

  1. True story:

    Got a black eye from that gig. Still have a small scar under my right eye. Yes, alcohol was involved.

  2. Hmmmm…Andy and I may have to work out a deal with your lovely bride in order to affect our take over of NCS….then, of course, the infighting between the two of us would lead to split of the site which would probably end up with No Clean and Clean Synning.

    And everyone lived happily ever after!

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