Jul 192012

We’re all toiling away here at NCS on various projects, none of which are quite yet finished for this morning. Actually, to be brutally honest, I was sleeping instead of toiling away, and before that I was fucking off. I have no idea what the other idiots who work here have been doing, and I use the term “work” loosely, since nobody gets paid shit for scribbling about metal at NCS. Actually, I do have an idea what they’ve been doing, and it’s called “life”, which is bullshit because having no life is one of the key qualifications for “working” at NCS, and they all checked the “has no life” box on the NCS “employment” application, so what’s up with that?

Anyway, I haz nothing at the moment, so I’m doing this: I’m playing for you two excellent old songs plus some covers of them that I found this morning. I love these songs, and so it goes without saying that you love them, too. So we will all feel the love this morning, and then we can all do what we do when we feel the strong love, which in most cases will involve some kind of autoerotic satisfaction (and yes, you may take photos, but you may not send them to me because I don’t want to spoil my appetite before breakfast).

The first song is “Slave New World” by Sepultura, and I’m talking old-school Sepultura, from 1993’s Chaos A.D. You, of course, know this song and love it as much as I do, because it is such a great fuckin’ metal song. I think you will also like the cover of the song that Norway’s Dead Trooper did back in 2010, because I like it a bunch. I like it better than the cover Trivium did (also in 2010), though their cover still sounds good, because the riffs in this song are so damned compelling. I just like the original Max Cavalera vocals and the Dead Trooper vocals better.

The second song is “Forhekset” by Satyricon, from their 1996 Nemesis Divina album. It’s another great song, though I’m guessing many people would pick “Mother North” as the best song on that album. But anyway, today I saw a new video by a Québec band named Haeres performing a cover of “Forhekset” live back in March. I really like the cover — it’s not a carbon copy of the original, and it sounds really good.

By the way, that image at the top of the post is a sculpture called “Capricorn Rising” by an amazing artist named Kris Kuksi, who I just discovered this morning. To see more of his work, go HERE.

Now, here’s the music. I will eventually finish the review I had planned to have ready first thing this morning. It’s amazing — not the review, of course, but the new album I’m reviewing. Amazing. You’ll see.






  1. Life is getting in the way a bit at the moment. But I should also have an awesome review for you today.

  2. Chaos AD isn’t old school Sepultura, it’s their second to last album(that matters).

    • I was intending to distinguish Sepultura with Max and Igor from Sepultura after Max left in 1997, though it seems your view is that the band ceased to exist after Roots. 🙂

      • Derrick is better than Max.

        That’s right internet, a needlessly controversial statment, delivered without context or supporting evidence.

        That’s what you like isn’t it? You like the attention. You whore.

      • Which is obviously untrue…everyone knows they ceased to exist after Arise

        • In my opinion, Arise is Sepultura at the pinnacle of their career. Everything after Arise doesn’t come close to measuring up. When Max left, Sepultura ceased to exist. I don’t know if Igor still plays with them or not, but whatever Max, Igor, Andreas and Paulo Jr had going on creatively at that time will probably never be duplicated.

          I think it would have served the fans of the band if they had just completely disbanded instead of trying to go on. I could never get into Sepultural, post-Max. I can’t get into Soulfly. I liked Cavelara Conspiracy’s first album, but the second one was meh.

          I only listen to songs from the original line up. I wished I could have seen them live.

      • Actually, they’re still a good live band, but that’s because they stick with the classics. It seems everyone associated with Sepultura forgot how to write songs during the Roots era.

        • They are indeed great live. Much better than Soulfly. Though I don’t mean to start a “beef” here, I’m just using that as a statement of comparison.

          I do disagree with your assertion that they’ve done no good songs since. Though the Derrick-era is hugely inconsistent, there are lots of good single tracks out there, and pretty much the whole Dante XXI album is great imo.

          Though, weirdly, I’ve STILL not heard the new one. I’ve heard it gives good thrash.

  3. Wait… if employment is determined by having no life… is level of entry determined by how little of life one has?

    • Yes, that’s correct. If you have a friend and any hobbies other than metal, you start as a loris feeder. The truly friendless, lonely, unattractive, unemployable people who rarely expose themselves to direct sunlight are candidates for writer positions.

      • I guess that means I am going to be NCS next writer. I am loser enought to have managed to fit all the criteria you have chosen.


        • Other important questions: Do you bathe no more often than once every other week? Do even feral dogs and cats cross over to the other side of the street when passing your place of residence? Do you talk to yourself more often than you talk to other people? Do you carve dolls out of potatoes to keep yourself company, in lieu of actual friends?

          • I actually bathe every day. Allergies are a bitch.

            Feral dogs and cats, as well as small children and grown men run from my face, not my stench.

            My wife may actually be part of my split personality. I think I am having sex with a women, but I am not sure now that you have forced me to look into the reality of my life. Other than her, I do hold more conversations with myself than real people.

            I can’t be trusted with sharp objects, so I make stick figures from glue and popsicle sticks. The glue sure is tasty

      • Well then I think I should be the next editor based on how much I get out now. 😛

  4. I haven’t hated anything by Satyricon ever. There is some stuff I like less than others, to be sure. But eh. They’ve always been pretty solid IMO. I even liked the Intermezzo EP.

    I never got into post-Max Sepultura. I actually really liked Soulfly’s first album but anything after that didn’t do anything for me.

    • I always thought it was awesome how they stayed relevant by inverting black metal aesthetics. No reverb ever. Heavier tone. Groovy riffs. Even sort-of-breakdowns? All with out sounding like Pantera.

  5. I’ve gotta go with Beneath The Remains and Arise as well, both my first taste of Sepultura. I bought both when I joined Columbia House, never having heard Sepultura before. I wasn’t disappointed – my mom even liked some of it, but I don’t know how she felt about Max’s vocals. I added their other albums to my collection not long after.

    I liked Chaos A.D. a lot too when it came out, plus Michael Whelan’s cover for the album kicked ass. It was also one of only a few albums I had on CD, having been limited to tapes and records for as long as I had made my own choices in music (I didn’t have a CD player until sometime after my mom died).

    When Roots came out, I felt underwhelmed. Not a terrible album, but not quite what I had hoped for. I kind of lost interest in the band after that. When Derrick took over vocal duties, I tried to get into it, but it just wasn’t there anymore for me – and it wasn’t because it wasn’t Max’s voice. Maybe I didn’t give the last few albums before this a fair chance, but Kairos is the first Sepultura album with Derrick that I found myself able to get into; they sound more like the band I got lucky with 20 years ago (as in, never hearing them before, but still buying two of their albums).

    As for Max, post-Sepultura… Never could get into Soulfly much. Didn’t hate it, didn’t feel like buying anything from them. The songs I’d heard from Cavalera Conspiracy caught my attention more.

  6. Kuksi’s art is on the cover of Sepultura’s A-lex I think?

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