Jul 282012

TheMadIsraeli took the heat for introducing us to the UK’s Hacktivist back in January (this post). Took the heat . . . because rap and djent. That’s mainly what the Hacktivist guys are doing, and that’s not exactly what the NCS community is all about.

But the 83 comments on that earlier post weren’t all heat, and I for one kinda liked what I heard on that previous video, “Cold Shoulder”. Liked it enough that I kept my eyes open for something new, and knew that something new was coming, and within the last hour it arrived: the band’s new video for a new song called “Unlike Us”.

I like this new song even more than the first one. I like the pneumatic punch, the fleeting electronics, the ratcheting melody, the machine-gun-fire rhythmics, and the booming tone on those low strings. I liked the vocals, too, though usually I have a low tolerance for rap.

I headbanged, too.

Okay, you know what the Comment section is for. I got my flame-retardant underwear on. Video follows the jump, and you can follow Hacktivist on Facebook here.


  32 Responses to ““UNLIKE US”: HACKTIVIST PREMIERES A NEW SONG (yeah haters, we doin’ some H again)”

  1. There are no inherently bad genres, just bad bands making music in that genre. A sufficiently talented band can make any genre interesting and good.

  2. NCS: jumping the shark since Flanders reared his ugly mug 🙂

    Heh, people are gonna get so mad at this. I’ll be the first to note that the lyrics of this particular track range from passable to wack. Oh well, I guess rappin about ballin ain’t exactly their style. They seem to be trying to go for a more concious tone, but that may or may not work In their favor in front of kids who want them to bring the mosh.
    That said, there’s one undeniable thing they got going that you astutely pointed out Islander:
    Dat Groove. It’s very much a jam. I’m feelin it.

  4. Pffft. They’re just ripping off Baby Metal, who did it much better, might I add.

  5. Limp bizkit is back!

    hacktivist? seriously? WE R LEGUN, FEER UZ!

    Modern Limp Bizkit

  6. Actually I’m with Islander on this. I wouldn’t have thought this would be a band I’d like, but I’m starting to wonder when they’ll be dropping an album. Interesting.

  7. Same sort of sound as the Matrix’s second and third films soundtracks.

  8. As someone who is equally interested in underground metal as he is in underground UK hiphop, i’d say the rapping is a bit average and lyrically slightly dull. Most my favourite rap artists (Akala, Lowkey, DD, Klashnekoff) are political, but the politics in these lyrics seem very generic like he doesn’t REALLY know what he’s talking about

  9. I feel like shirts should be made with “Babymetal does it better”

    Also I still don’t this….hodgepodge.

  10. One was hoping to like this one better than that last one. But, this was only slightly less boring. Oh well…

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