Aug 052012

I guess this is as good a place as any to tell you that I’m fucking depressed over the fact that my fucking day job is fucking with blog life. I have to crank away like an indentured servant over the next five days, including a three-day out-of-town trip, and this will undoubtedly cut down on the volume of posts you see around here.

However, though feeling sorry for myself about this development, I’m cheered by the news that’s the subject of this post, and a big thank-you to Utmu for sharing it with me. The news is partly that tour poster you see up there, but mainly it’s what Rotting Christ stated in the text that accompanied it on their Facebook page:


A couple of months prior to the release of our new album, to be followed by a worldwide tour, the band warms up by taking part in select shows on BLACK DARKNESS OVER EUROPE tour, sharing stage with CRADLE OF FILTH and GOD SEED. We are ready to hit
the road again spreading the Dark Cult around the realms.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming album as well as tour dates and routing.”

Can I get a big FUCK YEAH!?

I should also mention that Rotting Christ is scheduled to play with Sodom in Mexico City on December 1 and will be on The Barge To Hell cruise which departs Miami two days later.


  1. FUCK YEAH!!
    Rotting christ kicks rotten zombie jew balls!

  2. A new Rotting Christ album can only be good news. Although I only discovered them via “Aealo”, I found that I rather enjoy their music.

    • They’ve really been evolving in their sound. I’ms very curious to see what this next one sounds like — whether it continues to exhibit the strong ethnic/folk influence on display in Aealo.

  3. I thought God Seed were defunct. Huh. This is still the project that King ov Hell and Ghaal had going after they got kicked out of Gorgoroth, right? Maybe minus Ghaal because he retired from metal?

    • Nope, Gaahl is active in this. Here’s a post on the God Seed FB page from back in March:

      “The thaw has arrived for God Seed. No longer frozen, Gaahl and King have regrouped with a new line-up. Joining ranks with Gaahl and King are:

      Sir (Trelldom, Djerv) – Guitar
      Kenneth Kapstad (Motorpschyco) – Drums
      Geir Bratland (Dimmu Borgir) – Keys & Noise
      Lust Kilman (The Batallion, Grimfist) – Guitar

      A new album via Indie Recordings is in the works. All music is already written and recorded at various locations in Norway. Gaahl is currently working on lyrics and vocal arrangements.”

  4. Why does this have to A) Be in Europe? and B) Be with Cradle of Filth?
    Come to North America and play with someone else!

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