Aug 072012

At the end of July I posted about the plans of Candlelight Records to release a new album by the UK’s Winterfylleth in September. The album’s title is The Threnody of Triumph. When I last wrote about this news, Zero Tolerance magazine reported that it would be including a feature on the band AND a track from the new album — “Void of Light” — on a bonus CD with the magazine. I expressed the hope that the song would surface on the web soon. And so it has.

This morning, Candlelight started streaming the song on Soundcloud. With blasting drums and vibrating guitars forward in the mix, the music rushes like a riptide. The dense wall of  tremolo guitar carries a majestic melody of the kind for which Winterfylleth have become known, while the anguished vocals flay the senses with razor-edged shrieking. The song is primal in its power, and though the core melody is a simple one, it’s the kind that will stick in your head.

“Void of Light” makes me even more eager to hear the new album, and I was damned eager to begin with. Find Winterfyleth on Facebook here and listen to the song after the jump.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


  1. sounds a lot like Nachtmystium to me actually. Which is not how their older stuff sounded.

  2. I liked it. It led me to check out your earlier posts about them.

  3. Man, just post after post of great musc coming out. Sounds like good ol’ Winterfylleth to me, which is not a bad thing at all. They’ve had a great sound from the start. Lets hope there’s some soaring new English BM anthems on this record to top those of The Mercian Sphere.

  4. My girlfriend just made the stunning observation that this album cover must have been birthed by none other than Bob Ross. Just sayin.

  5. Just found a copy of this album at my local record store. Was stunned to find it out already.

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