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Somewhere, against all odds and all reason, there are pathetic, deluded motherfuckers who believe that the Westboro Baptist Church are doing God’s work, when in truth they are simply whores for publicity who have no reluctance to damage the feelings of innocent people in order to get it. For them, no outrage is too outrageous, and the Bible by which they claim to swear clearly means nothing, because if it did, they would be too fearful of the final judgment to do what they have done.

I have yet to see any metalhead who has condoned or supported the mental and emotional cruelty these animals have attempted to inflict in a very calculated way on people who are already suffering from the random losses and pain and prejudice that the dice-roll of human life has a way of inflicting.  It makes me proud to be a part of a community that has condemned their bullshit so consistently and so vehemently.

But now we have an anthem, a way to exorcise the anger, a form of catharsis that sure made me feel good, and I suspect will make others feel good, too. We have the new official video for “The Westboro Massacre” by Flayed Disciple.

Could this song and this video also be taken to task for fighting fire with fire, for reacting to hatred with anger and the suggestion of violence? Absolutely, yes, it could. But I think it’s a lot better to work out through music the anger that people like the Westboro Baptist scum ignite than through actual violence or confrontation.

Or maybe I should just speak for myself: I got something nasty out of my system by watching this video and listening to this music, and I feel better for it. Also, the song is just really fuckin’ good metal.

If you’ve been an NCS addict, then you already know about Flayed Disciple, because we’ve written about them a lot. Five times, to be precise, and you can see all of our accolades via this link. They’re a death-thrash band from the UK who specialize in injecting napalm into the bloodstream and then applying an acetylene torch when the gasoline levels reach critical mass.

They released their debut album Death Hammer in May, and yesterday they premiered a music video for one of our favorite tracks — “The Westboro Massacre”. Here’s what Phro said about that song in his review of the album: “Favorite Track: “The Westboro Massacre” (While I do like the name, this song grabs you by the throat and tickles your toes until you pee. Awesome.)”

Yeah, it does that, and it also gives vent to all the anguished/angry emotions I feel about the actions of this group of wretched excuses for human beings and everyone like them. Would I actually bury hatchets in their heads? No way. Would Flayed Disciple? I seriously doubt it. Is it fun to imagine the act while rockin’ the fuck out to some supercharged music?

I confess: Yes, it is. Is that wrong?


This video is yet another creation of Dead Parrot Productions, whose excellent work just continues to impress. To see some of their other eye-ctahcing creations, just look at what else we’ve featured at NCS (here) or go visit them on The Book of Face.

And if you still haven’t picked up Death Hammer despite all our proselytizing, go check out the whole album at Flayed Disciple’s Bandcamp page, where the album is selling for a lot less than it’s worth. “Westboro Massacre” can be downloaded for free here — and that is absolutely less than it’s worth. The band can be found on Facebook via this link.



  1. “I have yet to see any metalhead who has condoned or supported the mental and emotional cruelty these animals have attempted to inflict”

    Have you met anyone who does? I would, quite honestly, be shocked if you had.

  2. It is always a mind-bender to me to think of the anger and hate that certain ‘religious’ groups have towards cultures (queer, etc) which are generally at best indifferent towards them (or whose opinions are defensive and in response to attack). So the idea that the vitriol would be returned in kind is conceptually interesting, but this is a hard one for me to get behind. The problem is walking the line between this, which is basically an obviously hyperbolic and reactionary idea, and that jackass in a bunch of hate metal bands who shot up the Sikh temple a few days ago. My general thoughts on this are mostly along the lines of ‘don’t fu*king shoot people’. So, how do i defend my love of other metal with a totally belligerent embrace of sadism and necro-rape? well, I guess i cant. But this, in its real-world plausibility, seems more over-the-line somehow. Let’s encode our feelings about society in metal about space aliens and zombies and vikings and stuff. The song is a real rocker, though.

  3. The bigots of the WBC don’t care what people say about them; they care that people are talking about them. I read a recent interview with one of the higher-uppers and she said that the counter-protests against them (whether WBC actually shows up or not) serves their purposes just fine and they don’t really have to do anything further. I guess they’re big into “the ends justify the means” and can pick and choose what parts of the Bible apply to them and ignore others that get in the way of their gospel. That the Supreme Court ruled in their favor is a huge disappointment.

    There is one thing that she said in the interview that I do agree with – that the media focuses on their stance against gay people more than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, WBC is an equal opportunity offender and they really hate gay people. A lot. But there are more things to point out regarding this gang of knuckle-dragging Bible thumpers.

    But I think that’s what they want.

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