Aug 082012


Somewhere, against all odds and all reason, there are pathetic, deluded motherfuckers who believe that the Westboro Baptist Church are doing God’s work, when in truth they are simply whores for publicity who have no reluctance to damage the feelings of innocent people in order to get it. For them, no outrage is too outrageous, and the Bible by which they claim to swear clearly means nothing, because if it did, they would be too fearful of the final judgment to do what they have done.

I have yet to see any metalhead who has condoned or supported the mental and emotional cruelty these animals have attempted to inflict in a very calculated way on people who are already suffering from the random losses and pain and prejudice that the dice-roll of human life has a way of inflicting.  It makes me proud to be a part of a community that has condemned their bullshit so consistently and so vehemently.

But now we have an anthem, a way to exorcise the anger, a form of catharsis that sure made me feel good, and I suspect will make others feel good, too. We have the new official video for “The Westboro Massacre” by Flayed Disciple.

Could this song and this video also be taken to task for fighting fire with fire, for reacting to hatred with anger and the suggestion of violence? Absolutely, yes, it could. But I think it’s a lot better to work out through music the anger that people like the Westboro Baptist scum ignite than through actual violence or confrontation.

Or maybe I should just speak for myself: I got something nasty out of my system by watching this video and listening to this music, and I feel better for it. Also, the song is just really fuckin’ good metal. Continue reading »

Aug 032012

So yesterday one of my good friends, who also happens to be a co-worker at my fucking day job, sent me a link to a story in the online edition of The Washington Post under the headline, “Is Listening To Music Making You Worse At Your Job?” It reported on the results of recent psychology research about whether people perform better or worse on the job while listening to music.

Researchers found that when people performed “cognitive tasks”, they did worse when listening on headphones to music they like. And then the article said this:

“Not ready to ditch your headphones quite yet? There is one fix: The researchers found that participants listening to music they decidedly did not enjoy – in this case, a song from “grind core metal band” Repulsion – actually did better than those tuning into music they liked. The researchers chalk that up to a lack of ‘acoustical variation’ in the music, which likely made it less distracting.”

My first thought was “Fuck yeah! Proof that listening to grind improves job performance!” And then I read that paragraph more slowly. Apparently, listening to grind only improves your performance if you don’t like grind.

So I decided to root around some more and I found a more detailed article about the study, which compared the performance effect of “Acid Bath” by Repulsion to a pop song by a band called Infernal. Here’s what it said: Continue reading »

Aug 012012

Between last night and this morning, I’ve come across so much new shit worth spreading around that I’m dividing up the collection into two pieces, this being the first one.

In this post are a new video from Bloodshot Dawn (UK), a new video from A Hill To Die Upon (U.S.), and another new video from Demonic Resurrection (India).


I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve written about this UK band and their self-titled 2012 album, which remains one of my favorite releases of the year (as explained in my January review). In April, we featured an official video for a track from the album called “Visions”, and this morning they released another official video. This time, the song is “Godless”, which is still available for free download at the Bloodshot Dawn Bandcamp page, where you can acquire the whole album, too.

Man, I do dig this song. It kicks you in the head like a pissed-off hyperkinetic mule. Killer riffs, killer drumming, and eye-popping guitar soloing leave no part of your face un-melted. And once again, we have a video — directed, filmed, and edited by Jordan Saunders of Dead Parrot Productions — that visually captures the head-whipping fury of the music. Check it out: Continue reading »

Apr 242012

I guess I made the title of this post really long so I wouldn’t need to write as much in the body of the post. I guess I also felt that with DGR posting the new videos from Storm Corrosion and Epica, I needed to post something really rancid and disgusting, y’know, to provide balance. I guess the UK’s Flayed Disciple was reading my mind, because this afternoon they served up just the thing.

Phro reviewed this band’s new album Death Hammer for us here. Among other things, he wrote: “They’ve successfully taken the thrash groove riffing and drumming (which I like), gotten rid of the thrash vocals (which annoy the shit out of me), added some modern death metal elements, and got a growler who sounds like he lives in the bottom of a well. Not because he has nowhere else to live, because, fuck you, he likes it closer to hell.”

“Closer to hell” could have been the sub-title for this video. Of course, the song is called “Shrine of Dahmer”. The video includes all those things I mentioned in the post title, plus lots of other nauseating images, which of course made it irresistible. It’s not safe for work, unless you work in a slaughterhouse. Continue reading »