Aug 082012

Well, I’m rushing again, with my day job pounding at the door, so to speak, so I will hold my own words to a handful: NPR has debuted a long new song by Enslaved — “Thoughts Like Hammers” — from their forthcoming album, RIITIIR. Here’s an excerpt from Lars Gotrich’s excellent NPR write-up about the band, the album, and this new music:

The intro to “Thoughts Like Hammers” comes out of nowhere — three seconds in and we’re bludgeoned by decibel-damaging feedback, chaotic chord voicings and stuttering blast beats. But then the song goes through several transformations: A mean groove turns into a pumping Angus Young riff, which then sneaks into a syncopated, King Crimson-y organ. That all happens in the first two minutes. There’s no telling where Bjørnson will take “Thoughts Like Hammers” next, but the patchwork pieces all come together at the soaring chorus, as vocalist and keyboardist Herbrand Larsen helps rein in Enslaved’s experiments. Surprisingly, the nine-and-a-half-minute “Thoughts Like Hammers” is instantly memorable for all its organic twists and turns.

And THIS is the link to the NPR page where the song is streaming. Seriously, go listen, and then think about coming back here to share your reactions in the Comments.

UPDATE: This song is now streaming on Soundcloud, which means we have it here now, after the jump:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


  1. I don’t have a deep, introspective comment to add concerning this song because I jizzed in my pants the entire time I listened to it. I don’t have the energy to write anything else.

  2. the tribute album is also here to stream!
    hurray for enslaved!

  3. my country doing right it this is so daaaamn good, love all the changes in the song. can´t wait for the new album !!!

  4. In related news, Orsaeth’s pants exploded upon hearing this song. And he was at work, which scared all the customers away.

  5. This stands to be an intriguing listen.

  6. Enslaved pretty much never disappoints. Loving it!

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