Aug 082012

We watched the social media pages for Sylosis like hawks over the last couple of weeks, waiting for the new songs that the band had promised, and pounced immediately once the first one (“Born Anew”) debuted early yesterday (see this).

And then I got on an airplane yesterday morning to fly across the country, with no wi-fi onboard, cut off from the bubbling world of metal for 5+ hours, feeling like an abandoned brat with no blankie and nothing on which to nurse. By the time I got where I was going and plugged back in to the ether of metal, I had an in-box for of mail with links to the second Sylosis track — “A Dying Vine” — which had emerged while I was confined at 35,000 feet.

I hate being late with news, and thought about just moving on because so many other metal sites had been spreading the news already. BUT, the damned song is so sweet that, tardy or not, I have to post about it.

The song is streaming now on the band’s recently activated web site,, where pre-orders from the new album (Monolith) are also being fielded, but of course it’s up on YouTube now as well, which means we have it here, too.

Oh, the groaning stomp of the intro might fool some, but it doesn’t take long before the thrashing begins. Hyperactive riffs and manic drumbeats and howling vocals flood the eardrums. You might start to feel jittery, but wait for the slow-down and those oh so cool guitar instrumentals to start, and your eyes may close and your head will begin to swim. That may happen again at the unexpected acoustic finish. What a refreshing genre-bending song!

Here you go:



  1. Doom at the beginning, thrash metal, traditional heavy metal plodding and soloing, thrash metal, then acoustic guitar solo to finish off the whole thing…… Not very groundbreaking, but still, the effort to inject some stylistic variety is there.

    • And I thought all that surprisingly hung together well, too.

    • I leave groundbreaking to bands like Gorguts. From a band like this, I want riffs that don’t sound like they were recycled from 80s thrash albums and quality solos. Sylosis generally deliver on this, but it would be nice if we had a more restrained album than the previous one. 70+ minutes was way too long imo and if it had been trimmed we would had a truly great album.

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