Aug 162012

Oh baby, have we got some hot tracks for you today. I’ve donned the biohazard suit and gathered up three new tunes that bring the nasty and bring it hard. I’m not sure how or when the lexicon of metal got to the point where “filthy” became a word of praise, but this shit is filthy. Very different styles of music, but all three songs will get their hooks in you. The music is from Venomous Maximus (U.S.), Turbocharged (Sweden), and Deiphago (Costa Rica).


This first item is just good timing. Less than a month ago I discovered this Houston band via their new music video for “The Mission” (featured here), and they surprised the hell out of me — surprising in the sense that their style of music isn’t one I’m usually into, but I fuckin’ loved that song, as well as the rest of the 2011 EP from whence it came.

Now I come to find out that Venomous Maximus have a new album projected for release this fall by the name of Beg Upon the Light, and yesterday they started streaming one of the new songs — “Moonchild”. And I mean to tell you, the central riff in this song (which slams right out of the gate) is an absolute headbanging killer. Seriously, you’d need a neck brace to keep your skull from bouncing like a basketball. A definite candidate for our 2012 “most infectious song” list.

And the surprise (for me) is how much I like the (mostly) clean vocals. They conjure up visions of old-school Ozzy but with some sandpapery grit emerging here and there. Hope you get off on this as much as I am:


Find Venomous Maximus on Facebook via this link. No doubt, we’ll be bringing more news about Beg Upon the Light as we get it.


This band is another new discovery for me. Though I’ve seen and heard their name before, this morning was the first time I heard any of their music. They have a new EP due for release by Chaos Records on September 2 — Christ Zero — and the label recently started streaming a new Turbocharged track — “G-Virus”.

Like the last song in this post, it starts punching right from the starting gate with a convulsive riff, and it doesn’t stop kicking ass until the sound stops. It’s an onslaught of Swedish death/punk that stomps and d-beats and sprays ignited gasoline all over the joint. Made me wanna bust shit up, and that’s always a good feeling, isn’t it? Have a listen:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

The Christ Zero EP is available for pre-order here. Turbocharged’s FB page is here.


The new album from this group of Filipino transplants to Costa Rica, Satan Alpha Omega, was officially released this week by Hells Headbangers. It’s been getting a lot of buzz from certain friends of mine who enjoy getting their heads viciously exploded every now and then. This morning I finally succumbed and checked out a song from the new album called “Heretic Oath”. Actually, I checked out three different tracks, but I’m focusing on “Heretic Oath” here — though it’s representative, based on what I’ve heard so far.

The music is a boiling mass of warlike distortion. Listening to it is to be engulfed in a whirlwind cloud of sonic shrapnel. It’s rancid, vicious, thrashing, blasting, blackened filth. It’s a holocaust of hellfire vocals, obliterating drums, and explosive guitar noise. Not for the faint of heart, but I’m digging it.


Other tracks from the album can be streamed at this Bandcamp page, and the album is available for order here. Deiphago’s FB page is at this location.


  1. Deiphago is awesome…really good band right there

    Ive started to come around a bit more on these Stoner/doom bands. Really liked that Verminous Maximous track, but the first person to call them “vest metal” deserves a punch in the esophagus

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