Aug 282012


The fucking brutals are everywhere again.

(In this post, TheMadIsraeli provides a pithy review of the second album by Murder Construct, which is officially out today.)

We’ve talked about this band and this album quite a bit at NCS (e.g., here).  Why?  Because the line-up of this band is pretty stellar.  Among other luminaries, it has Travis the-fucking-man Ryan on the vocal spot, and the music is sludgy, crusty, filthy, fucking foam at the mouth deathgrind of intestine vaporizing proportions.  Murder Construct’s sophomore album Results will decimate you into a fine bloody mist. the kind of which is usually radiated only from the most putrid of freshly undead skin-eaters.



And of course, look at dat lyrical prose.  This is what I love about grindcore, the absolutely no-bullshit, scathing social commentary.  Also, having an anti-deathcore/djent song is kind of a nice change of pace.

This album is fucking sick, it’s fucking nasty, it’s filled with so many buzz-saw gutting Columbian neck tie count escalating riffs and is so… fucking… NOISY IN THE MOST BADASS WAY.  I think with more listening I might be tempted to cannibalize all of my family, all of my friends.  It’s so relentless, such non-stop teeth-grinding artery-severing blast-beat-filled insanity, with one of the best vocalists in modern death metal.

Amend my statement about cannibalizing.  I’m just gonna eat the whole fucking world.

Murder Construct.  Results.  Get fucked.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Murder was officially released today by Relapse Records. It can be ordered directly from Relapse here. Yesterday, Metal Sucks launched an exclusive full-album stream of Murder at this location, but lo and behold, Relapse today started streaming the album on Bandcamp, and have made it available for download there at a price of $9.99.

This album really is stupendous:

  3 Responses to “MURDER CONSTRUCT: “RESULTS””

  1. For the love of Grind!!!! Let’s all get fucked today with this killer album

  2. HOLY HELL! Serious…that was just…mean.
    i love it!

  3. So I got Cattle’s Monolith of Inhumanity on vinyl like three days ago. That plus this equals UNHOLY FUCKING TRAVIS RYAN! My boner has exploded because my pathetic skin is to feeble and weak to contain the copious quantities of blood that Travis and Co. have forced in to my nether-regions.

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