Sep 042012

Pig Destroyer’s new album Book Burner will be out in the U.S. on October 22. A bit earlier today I watched a fan-filmed video of most of their set on August 23 in Tokyo. Here’s an index to what’s on the video that I found in the YouTube comments — including some new songs:

1:10 Rotten Yellow
2:23 Deathtripper
3:52 ?????
7:00 Pretty in Casts
8:14 Dark Satellites
9:08 Trojan Whore
10:50 Sheet Metal Girl
12:43 Alexandria
16:56 New Songs!
21:12 Piss Angel
25:11 Cheerleader Corpses
25:45 Terrifyer

The video and audio quality are pretty good. Explosively violent music. Video is after the jump.



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