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This is a collection of nuggets that I sifted from the ever-flowing stream of the internet yesterday. I’m going to start with some head-smashing new music and end with some head-warping music. With any luck, by the time we’re finished, you’ll have lost your head altogether.


I like this band’s name. Any band with “smasher” in their name is already past second base and headed for third. “Hivesmasher” also reminds me of the time when my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to smash a hive of wasps after we thought they were all dead, because we had burned their nest first. We were young and stupid, and very soon we were also in agony.

Hivesmasher, the band, is also about as pissed off and poisonous as that nest of undead wasps. They’re from Massachusetts and they have a debut album named Gutter Choir that’s due on October 23 on the Black Market Activities label. Yesterday I heard two tracks from the album. Lambgoat premiered one of them — “En Route To Meat Land” — which I think is what those wasps were singing when they delivered some hellfire retribution to my brother and me.

It reminds me of Pig Destroyer. It’s berserk, but really skillfully played. You should definitely go HERE to check it out.

I found another Hivesmasher song on Bandcamp (here). It’s called “Used Food” and it features a guest appearance by Jake Burns of Pathogenic. Check it out:


“Sun Dried Intestines” is one of those band names that stays with you once you’ve seen it. I came across them last September because they had a track on a compilation from Clean State Records that I wrote about (here), and their song was one that really stood out. Yesterday they started streaming a song from their as-yet-unreleased album Psychopaths and Murderers. The name of the song is “Eaten Alive”. It’s cwaaaaaaazy.


Candlelight Records continues to dribble out songs from this UK band’s next album, The Threnody of Triumph, which is due for release on September 25 via Candlelight. Yesterday the new song was “The Fate of Souls After Death”, and it premiered at Pitchfork (here).

Winterfylleth’s C. Naughton (guitarist/vocalist) has been quoted as saying that the song “may be a bit of a curveball in terms of the usual Winterfylleth sound. The riffs are darker and more swirling, the vocals are probably the gruffest I have recorded and the vibe is quite off kilter and a little more progressive than some of our other material.”

I like this song a lot. I like the entire album. I recommend you go to Pitchfork and check this one out via this link.


Bobók are a new band based in Edinburgh, Scotland, though the band was founded by two Russian expatriates, Misha and Daniel Doumnov, who sing in four languages ((English, Russian, Roma, and SerboCroat). The band also use accordion, violin, trumpet, and trombone, in addition to guitar, bass, and drums. I have to confess that they don’t play metal. What they do play is some kind of mash-up of Balkan brass band music, Russian Ska, Tango, and punk.

So why, you may ask, am I including them on this site? There’s a very simple answer: Because they have a song named “Eat Your Head”!!!!!


Bobók’s new self-titled EP is available on iTunes and includes such other gems as “Banana Song” and “Tar Caviar”. Here’s the studio recording of “Eat Your Head” and one more song:


Actually, Conducting From A Grave aren’t actually performing this next song, though it is one of their songs being performed — “The Tyrant’s Throne”. A fan of the band converted part of the song into an 8-bit version. Different for sure. (And you can thank DGR for bringing this to my attention and yours).

And if you really want to hear something epic, check out this 8-bit version of “The Grand Conjuration” by Opeth, or, after that, a combination of “Automony Lost” and “Rational Gaze” by Meshuggah.


  1. BOBOK’s song is absolutely hilarious lyrics wise (seems like a parody of all those bhrootll deff mettl grdnicroe bnads) and this kind of performance and the band’s take on ‘metal lirix’ matter remind me of a project called Dick Cheese (if you haven’t checked it out, well ,do it). As for the music, you could add Jewish klezmer music ot the blend, and while we’re (=I’m) in namedropping mode re:music and curious of your opinion, I’d like to know what you think about a band called Stille Volk.
    PS. Dolanese intended. Hwgho

    Thank you so much for your kind brutal words….. They mean the world to me as I have been bustin on this self produced 16 track album for over 2 years now, your comment made it so worthwhile!! I’ll be sure to keep u in the loop with the rest of our new stuff. Once again, thank you so much and keep crazy!!

    Yours Sincerely
    Paul Intestines

    • Thanks for stopping by Paul! And thanks for making the brain scrambling music. Also, I don’t think sanity is in our future, so we’ll be ready for more of it.

  3. Oopsie oopsie, seems like i messed things up, one of the project’s name is NOT Dick Cheese, it should be Richard Cheese instead

  4. Bobok is fucking awesome lol. Frenzy sounds like it’s being fronted by a Balkan Tom Waits.

  5. Erm, I have a hivesmasher album called “ascension into dismal stages,” so I don’t think this is their debut album, unless you mean on that record label. Also, they rule.

  6. You’ve probably already seen it, but there’s a full album stream for the new Winterfylleth over on the Terrorizer website:

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