Sep 242012

Come forward and bow down, for the Grand Supreme Blood Court is in session . . . and their judgment is Death, always Death. The only question is how will the sentence be carried out? The Court is about to answer that question, and based on the song we’re premiering for you today, there will be blood, and pain.

GSBC may be a new band, but it’s packed with Dutch death metal veterans. In addition to three current members of AsphyxMartin van Drunen (vocals), Bob Bagchus (drums), and Alwin Zuur (guitars) — the band also includes lead guitarist Eric Daniels (a member of Asphyx for the recording of five of the band’s first six albums and now returning to metal after a decade-long hiatus) and bass-player Theo van Eekelen (Hail of Bullets).

The Grand Supreme Death Court’s debut album — Bow Down Before the Blood Court — was mixed by the legendary Dan Swanö (Edge Of SanityBloodbath) and it’s scheduled for release by Century Media on November 12 in Europe and November 20 in the U.S. The gruesome album cover was created by Axel Hermann (AsphyxGraveUnleashed, etc.).

Lyrically, the debut will be a concept album based on an historical Blood Court that actually existed, though the details have yet to be revealed. Today we have the first taste of the music — “Piled Up For the Scavengers”.

If you’re looking for the grisly ring of death metal authenticity, this up-tempo monster of a track will give you the fix you need. The guitar saws are gassed up, running hot, and throwing off vicious primal riffs. The bass tone is massive, the drums crushing, and Martin van Drunen sounds like . . . no one else.

And if you like a bit of variety in your sonic punishment, wait for the melodic bridge in the middle of the song and the sledgehammer slowdown that follows it. The riff in that segment is a ticket straight to headbang city.

NCS has welcomed with open arms the resurgence of old school death metal that we’ve witnessed in recent years, and lots of new bands have found the right keys to the crypt. But if you want to hear that special tree-cutting blend of doom-ridden ghastliness performed with the kind of spirit and soul that gave birth to the genre in the first place, then bow down before the Blood Court . . .


  1. This is one killer track!!!! can’t wait for the record!!!

  2. As a huge fan of Asphyx and HoB I knew Id like this

    …It does seem rather redundant though

  3. “Headbang City” .\m/

  4. Is the name supposed to be a reference to the food courts at malls? Because that’s what it makes me think of. Possibly with tweens in belly shirt wearing decapitated pig heads as they sell cookies or something.


    • Also, blood cones with frozen blood cream and blood burgers with blood sauce and blood shakes and bloody pizza (hold the cheese) and bloody ribs with blood slaw and stir-fried blood clots with maggot rice and bloody vomit on the floors that no one can be bothered to mop up.

  5. Klinkt weer gruwelijk lekker!!! Echte ouderwetse deathmetal. Kan niet wachten op de rest!

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