Sep 262012

Unless you’ve been dwelling in a cave you probably know that Parallax II: Future Sequence is the name of the new album by Between the Buried and Me. Metal Blade will release it on October 9 (pre-order here). This morning, the band’s first music video from the album premiered at AltPress.

Provocative still frames from the video have been dribbling out over the last week, but to see the completed product is a real trip. The character in the video makes a real trip, too, in a sequence that links to the narrative concept of the album. The animation is very well done and a shitload of fun to watch, and it syncs perfectly with the music.

And the music? It’s an intricate offering of technical, progressive metal that is nevertheless extremely melodic and engrossing.

The video is worth seeing and hearing. For now, the AltPress video premiere is an exclusive one, so go HERE to see it and then let us know what you think in the Comments.


  1. BTBAM makes me wish I lived in a cave. I’ve never understood the appeal.

    • Is prog metal in general just unappealing to you or is it something specific about BTBAM?

      • I must live in a cave as well. I liked Alaska, then I saw them live and they played nothing before Colors. Four songs in an hour with multiple keyboard solos. Yay.

      • Generally, the more noodly or ADHD prog is, the more I hate it. BTBAM are way too ADHD for me, although I honestly can’t recall how noodly they are. I just remember hating them. (Opeth, on the other hand, is the opposite kind of prog, i.e., genuinely progressive, not showy.) BTBAM also have WAY too much metalcore in their DNA.

    • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. Cavecore 4EVAR!

      To answer Isalnder’s question: I don’t have a problem with prog in general, but BTBAM… With this song in particular, I feel like I’m listening to a metal band covering Yes and Rush competently on the instrumental side (but not in an interesting way), with some harsh vocals that don’t really work with the music tacked on.

      • BTBAM is one of those bands that’s been on my (way too long) list of bands I want to get around to exploring but just never got around to it. I was a little hesitant about the concept of this song since I think Mastodon covered astral projection well enough on Crack the Skye. Being an old prog nerd the song started off deliciously proggy and video was certainly visually appealing. But then the vocals kicked in and, like you said, just really didn’t work with the music. They aren’t bad vocals mind you, but they seem more suited to NWOAHM than prog metal. Then when the clean vocals entered the mix simultaneously with the harsh vocals, things just got weird. I’ll give them a few more listens and see if they grow on me though, but if it doesn’t work out, can we build an annex on the cave?

  2. I liked it. Some passages were a bit long for me and the clean singing was meh, but overall it was pretty good, especially compared to what I heard of the last track. Video was great.

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