Oct 082012

(In this post, TheMadIsraeli reviews the Scion A/V release of a new EP by one of our favorite bands, Boston’s Revocation.)

I’m just gonna put this out there: Scion A/V are my heroes.

So we’ve got a new FREE EP from hybrid deathrash hoplites Revocation titled Teratogenesis.  I don’t even know what the fuck that title means, but I love the album art and this EP contains some of the best music Revocation have written so far.  The assault of Teratogenesis is definitely more brutal and more focused as compared to the band’s last opus, Chaos of Forms, which I reviewed last year.

It seems that when a band does an EP, especially if it consists of material meant only for that EP, the result tends to be more intense.  I like this situation, because it’s here when a band just goes completely balls-deep with the more brutal aspects of their sound.  As such, don’t expect to find anything on Teratogenesis comparable to the more experimental numbers found on Chaos of Forms.

Teratogenesis is nothing but an adrenaline rush of hyper-speed fusion metal that definitely brings more of Revocation’s thrash influences to the forefront.  Everything else Revocation are known for is still here, it’s just that apparently they wanted to write something fast as fuck, which this EP definitely is. 

Opener “The Grip Tightens” is a straight-up pedal-point-riffing bruiser full of tight, technical guitar work and furious brutalizing drums.  The more prevalent thrash sound here is as immediately evident as it is adrenaline jolting.

David Davidson, of course, brings his now signature brand of fusion shred to the table with solo’s that melt my soul.  The bass playing of Brett Bamberger is pretty locked in, as always, the drumming of Phil Dubois is impeccably devastating, and new (well, since Chaos Of Forms) second guitarist Dan Gargiulo is showing himself to being more than up to Revocation’s guitar-driven brain surgery.

I’m just saying, it’s a free five-song EP full of nothing but the more brutal side of Revocation’s sound.  This makes me greatly anticipate the next album. I’m hoping that it turns out to be this focused and in your face.

Download HERE.


  1. Whoah new Revocation! Me rikeyyyyyyy!

  2. I am enjoying the shit out of this EP.

    You keep bringing thrash like this to the table, and I’ll keep listening!

    And possible jerking off. But I’ll let your imagination take care of that…”issue.”

  3. Totally Phro…

    This EP reminds me of the first time I heard the thrashy stylings of Hatesphere back on Blood Red Hatred, all I wanted to do was stomp on heads all day everyday. For me this band has been one of the biggest finds of the year, thanks NCS!

  4. Teratogenesis is the development of biological defects in an embryo. Yes, you read that right, this album is even more metal than you would assume.

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