Oct 112012

I swear, I had a really cool round-up post planned for this afternoon, full of eye-catching news, cover art, and cutting edge music that you probably would have missed without me and that possibly could have changed your life. I was going to follow that with a discussion of the latest (and lamest) scientific study on the sounds that are most disturbing to the human brain and the inexplicable failure of the researchers to play some Cannibal Corpse to the test participants.

Unfortunately, I got busy at work and couldn’t do any of that. Instead, I only have time to show you the new video by Infant Annihilator for their song  “Decapitation Fornication” from their forthcoming debut album The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution, projected for release in mid-December.

And for those of you who will want to punch us in the nuts after watching the video because we have such a juvenile or even subhuman sense of humor, I can only say “get in the fucking line!”  (I blame TheMadIsraeli, who sent me the link to this insanity.)



  1. This is my new favorite music video. Hi-fuckin’-larious.

  2. I would be inclined to view this as a symbolic statement about the treatment of metal drummers by their bandmates except, on the hole, this one seems to be enjoying himself.

    I meant “on the whole”.

  3. Juvenile? Yes. Fucking funny? YES! Well done dudes.

  4. It’s rather hilarious given the apparent sober nature of the albums lyrical content.

    “Their ‘Debut’ 16-track album entitled The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution is a concept album about the Catholic Church and the corruption behind closed doors. The album covers issues such as;
    child rape, murder and mass programming. All of this is seen through the eyes of a delusional priest who participates in all these acts.”

  5. Holy BDM screamo

  6. See my comment from a few months back regarding boargasm…

  7. I hate this video, and I just lost respect for this otherwise brutal-sounding band because the lyrics are so seriously bashing of a particular subject, one that is serious and one that is true, yet, they cannot take themselves seriously enough to realize they are sending a message. They come off as non- Catholic Christians, being concerned about the second coming of a figure and all of that, yet, they can’t even act like they take the things they say seriously enough to at least maintain it in their image. If they’re christians who hate catholics, and I’ll assume this because this is the entire theme of The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution (otherwise why would their theme be so concerned about the second coming?) then act like they’re pissed off at what what catholicism officials are doing. They are, by their actions, living as a demonstration of the hypocrisy of christianity as a whole, no matter what brand, no matter if catholic or protestant, and no one will take their message seriously. If they continue with this pattern, they will not be taken seriously as a metal band with an actual message, and are just bashing an institution because that’s the ‘metal’ thing to do. This is why this goes right along with the theme; christianity complains about catholicism as being some kind of a perversion, yet, they don’t take it seriously enough, or care enough to mean what they say, or to really give a shit. This is one of the reasons I personally hate all of christianity, so what a waste of brutality, because the subject matter they use has no room for mockery.

    • Of course there’s room for mockery. What else can you do but mock an organization that is so abhorrently corrupt and full of the things mentioned in this album? The fact that you have this opinion proves to me that mockery is the best solution.

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