Jul 302019


To continue with the round-up I began earlier today (here), I’ve got another wide scattering (stylistically speaking) of new music and videos, and as I did in the first post I’ve snuck in an announcement that (sadly) I’m not able to accompany with new music.


I decided to begin with this new Paganizer track for three reasons. First, because I needed to see Dan Seagrave‘s fantastic artwork for the new album at the top of our page until tomorrow. Second, because I have a crippling weakness for the music of Rogga Johansson, and Paganizer is the oldest and longest-running of the numerous groups to which he has devoted his talents over the last quarter-century. And third, because the track is a killer. Continue reading »

Dec 172012

(Here, TheMadIsraeli reviews the debut album by Infant Annihilator.)

If there is a band who are showing us that deathcore isn’t down and out for the count yet, it’s Infant Annihilator.  Many of us metal heads make endless fun of this style, but a few bands out there are the reason this style became a thing: Despised Icon, The Red Chord (who by the way are releasing a new album sometime in 2013), Animosity — bands who mixed the technicality and brutality of death metal yet also brought the grit and beatdown groove of hardcore into it.

On paper this is a style that should have been more consistently badass than it has been. Unfortunately, it has become a cesspool of inept musicians who are more consumed by the laughable bro-centric culture the style has produced than anything.

But Infant Annihilator are no bros.  Infant Annihilator are a Vatican-atomizing weapon of immense weight, power, and devastation that leaves no stone unturned in their first official dosage of sonic retribution, The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution.  Not many bands are able to put out an explosive cask of pure badassery this concise, this jarring, and this fury-born.  Continue reading »

Dec 122012

Today is a milestone day. It’s really just an unusual alignment of numbers in the Western world’s completely arbitrary way of measuring the passage of time on a calendar, but it’s cool nonetheless: The last 100% repetitive date that most humans now alive will ever see. It’s a long wait until January 1, 2101.

So, how shall we commemorate this arbitrary milestone? In the same way we commemorate the advent of every blessed new day: with some fucken metal. Here are a few things that caught my eyes and ears since last night (and we’ll also have an eviscerating video premiere by Krisiun coming up soon).


We have flogged the name Infant Annihilator mercilessly since discovering their artistic, bunghole-plugging video for “Decapitation Fornication”. And now the day has arrived when the band’s debut album The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution has been vomited forth in a steady stream of incendiary munitions and vocal filth guaranteed to fracture spines and necrotize flesh.

After the jump, press play — and then duck and cover. You can buy the album on Bandcamp via this link. Continue reading »

Nov 142012

(We’ve written quite a lot already about the international trio known as Infant Annihilator, but a new album trailer gives us an excuse to do it again, via this post by TheMadIsraeli.)

Infant Annihilator is the fucking shit.  As hyperbolic and complimentary yet non-descriptive as that may be of me to say, I really don’t give two shits because this band know how to bring the br00tz in maximum force.  You can’t front on these dudes, you can’t tell me these guys don’t write some of the most technically accomplished yet well composed yet all over the place of the br00tality-spectrum tunes you’ve ever heard. UK-based  Eddie Pickard and Aaron Kitcher are truly accomplished practitioners of their craft and know exactly what extreme metal fans crave: utter fucking devastation.

Infant Annihilator label themselves a technical deathcore act, although this isn’t entirely accurate.  Take every form of extreme metal, whether it be death metal, deathcore, grindcore, black metal, or slam and mash it all together until you have some kind of fucked-up stillborn deformity of filth, and there you have Infant Annihilator.

We’ve already covered this band repeatedly since the unveiling of their genius video for “Decapitation Fornication”, but I’m really into them and really feeling what they’re bringing to the table.  Eddie (guitar), Aaron (drums), and beast-mode vocalizer Dan Watson (from Indiana) are set to unleash their sonic tome of chaos, The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution Continue reading »

Nov 052012

Having already featured Infant Annihilator’s profound video for the song “Decapitation Fornication” (which has already amassed over 100,000 YouTube views among discriminating voyeurs of art-house film), it follows that we must feature the “making of” video for the video of “Decapitation Fornication”.

There is really no choice in the matter, is there? No, of course there isn’t. In for a dime, in for a dollar. Or maybe it’s in for a pence, in for a pound? Or whatever expression people in England use for those moments when you just decide to dive all the way into whatever mess you’ve already tip-toed into.

And since we’re on the subject of Infant Annihilator, this seemed like a good time to feature the just-released artwork for the band’s debut album, The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution, which will be vomited forth on 12-12-12.

But back to the “making of” video. It’s a rare privilege to get a glimpse behind the scenes of filmmaking at this level, to witness the seriousness and care with which the cinematographer and the cast approached the project, to see how much love (and nipple-massaging) went into the production.

In an age when CGI is king, we can also see that Infant Annihilator went with actual green vomiting. However, as an objective critic I have to say that the band tarnished their cinéma vérité credibility by using simulated sodomy and no actual tonguing. Still, as budding filmmakers, Aaron and Eddie should be forgiven for feeling their way gently in their first effort, and we have every confidence that in their future work they’ll get down to the kind of raw hardcore pounding that their growing legions of fans will undoubtedly demand. Continue reading »

Oct 182012

Back in August I was roughly the 63 millionth person to jump on the “Gangnam Style” bandwagon by posting PSY’s video for the song here at our metal site, undoubtedly provoking a bunch of disgusted noises from the more KVLT readers in the audience.

More recently, I got on another bandwagon just as it was beginning to roll by featuring the ridiculously insane and ridiculously funny new video for “Decapitation Fornication” by a multinational collective who call themselves Infant Annihilator, undoubtedly provoking a bunch of new disgusted noises from the more KVLT readers in the audience.

And what should I see this morning but a YouTube clip of Infant Annihilator’s metal remix of “Gangnam Style”. I ask you, how could I resist? The answer is, I could not.

There have been other metal covers and remixes of this song; I included one of them in the original post about the song. But this one is my favorite. I mean, if you’re going to metallicize the song you might as well repeatedly fuck it really hard and throw in some explosive breakdowns, too.  Continue reading »

Oct 112012

I swear, I had a really cool round-up post planned for this afternoon, full of eye-catching news, cover art, and cutting edge music that you probably would have missed without me and that possibly could have changed your life. I was going to follow that with a discussion of the latest (and lamest) scientific study on the sounds that are most disturbing to the human brain and the inexplicable failure of the researchers to play some Cannibal Corpse to the test participants.

Unfortunately, I got busy at work and couldn’t do any of that. Instead, I only have time to show you the new video by Infant Annihilator for their song  “Decapitation Fornication” from their forthcoming debut album The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution, projected for release in mid-December.

And for those of you who will want to punch us in the nuts after watching the video because we have such a juvenile or even subhuman sense of humor, I can only say “get in the fucking line!”  (I blame TheMadIsraeli, who sent me the link to this insanity.) Continue reading »