Nov 052012

Having already featured Infant Annihilator’s profound video for the song “Decapitation Fornication” (which has already amassed over 100,000 YouTube views among discriminating voyeurs of art-house film), it follows that we must feature the “making of” video for the video of “Decapitation Fornication”.

There is really no choice in the matter, is there? No, of course there isn’t. In for a dime, in for a dollar. Or maybe it’s in for a pence, in for a pound? Or whatever expression people in England use for those moments when you just decide to dive all the way into whatever mess you’ve already tip-toed into.

And since we’re on the subject of Infant Annihilator, this seemed like a good time to feature the just-released artwork for the band’s debut album, The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution, which will be vomited forth on 12-12-12.

But back to the “making of” video. It’s a rare privilege to get a glimpse behind the scenes of filmmaking at this level, to witness the seriousness and care with which the cinematographer and the cast approached the project, to see how much love (and nipple-massaging) went into the production.

In an age when CGI is king, we can also see that Infant Annihilator went with actual green vomiting. However, as an objective critic I have to say that the band tarnished their cinéma vérité credibility by using simulated sodomy and no actual tonguing. Still, as budding filmmakers, Aaron and Eddie should be forgiven for feeling their way gently in their first effort, and we have every confidence that in their future work they’ll get down to the kind of raw hardcore pounding that their growing legions of fans will undoubtedly demand.


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  1. Alright, I want honesty here boys. The two members of Infant Annihilator are none other than Phro and Islander! Ha! I motherfucking knew it all the time!

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