Dec 172012

(Here, TheMadIsraeli reviews the debut album by Infant Annihilator.)

If there is a band who are showing us that deathcore isn’t down and out for the count yet, it’s Infant Annihilator.  Many of us metal heads make endless fun of this style, but a few bands out there are the reason this style became a thing: Despised Icon, The Red Chord (who by the way are releasing a new album sometime in 2013), Animosity — bands who mixed the technicality and brutality of death metal yet also brought the grit and beatdown groove of hardcore into it.

On paper this is a style that should have been more consistently badass than it has been. Unfortunately, it has become a cesspool of inept musicians who are more consumed by the laughable bro-centric culture the style has produced than anything.

But Infant Annihilator are no bros.  Infant Annihilator are a Vatican-atomizing weapon of immense weight, power, and devastation that leaves no stone unturned in their first official dosage of sonic retribution, The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution.  Not many bands are able to put out an explosive cask of pure badassery this concise, this jarring, and this fury-born. 

The music is a torrential explosion of technical mind-melting riffs, breakdowns, slams, and moments of just pure noise overload insanity, thanks to the insane sense of interplay and cooperation between drummer/earthquake-starter Aaron Kitcher and guitarist Eddie Pickard, as well as Pickard’s knack for writing guitar lines that are nothing short of putrid, inhumane, and grotesque.

Musically, nothing is spared on this album in the band’s effort to confuse, disorient, and just outright fucking kill you.  It’s so consistently brutal, so consistently visceral, and so unrelenting in its quest to beat the ever-loving fuck out of you, your soul, and your hypothetical non-existence.

I usually at least attempt a song-by-song appraisal of an album, but I’m just not gonna do it this time.  There is no good way to sum up this album or its individual songs.  One must listen to this boiling pungent black cauldron of br00tz to truly understand.

I mean, most of these songs have their own thing that sets them apart — a certain mood in their riffs, a certain feel the song comes back around to or works around, like the album’s intro and opener “New Born Porn/Infant Annihilator”.  It’s rather odd to open an album with a hulking trudging beatdown like this, but it works really well, especially when it’s followed by a song as flesh-ripping as “Devotion to the Child Rape Syndicate”. “Anal Prolapse Suffocation” is another fine example of the band mixing their slam-based groove with their inhuman speeds and is a pretty good display of Aaron Kitcher’s on-kit insanity.

I’m pretty sure this will be my shortest review for an album I am in love with this year.  But I think the proper thing to do is just leave you with the stream and let you share your thoughts below.  This band has reset the bar for deathcore, and any band who tries to step up to the plate is going to have to deliver a fuck-ton of weapons payload in brutality to even have a chance at being considered relevant.




  1. So I got this at your recommendation. I get it. It’s awfully heavy.

  2. I’m loving this. Disgustingly brutal.


  4. Sorry, song titles are a bit too much on this one.

  5. The names of these songs are collectively the best thing that’s happened to me all day.

  6. My knowledge of this group was limited to the video that was released a few months back. This album may just be Deathcore’s redemption… once Despised Icon split I thought it was done forever. Really fucking great work. I wanted to hate them so bad.

  7. This is retarded heavy. At first, I definitely though Phil Bozeman was doing the lows though. Dude sounds just like him. It’s awesome though.

  8. I just discovered this band today and they’re already on my ipod. There’s a video on youtube with multi-shot drumcam footage for Cuntcrusher. That’s what hooked me!

  9. Just when u thought u heard all that’s metal…Where do u go from here? \m/ \m/ luv it!

  10. This band is just a piece of shit, band of gays.This band not is Death Metal. Death Metal is not just playing fast and a lot of screaming. People who listen Deathcore should form their own movement and not mess with Death Metal. The death metal is not for weeping children and gays,,,

    • Lol. Honestly? People like you are metalhead neo-nazi music supremacists, and everything that is wrong with the music world today. Genuinely hate you people more than Nikki Minaj and Justin Beiber.
      Get cancer please.

  11. I was on my bed last night, falling asleep..then they appeared on my tv and it just woke me up…I loved the song so much I had to get up and look for the band to hear more songs…it’s fucking awesome

  12. devil horns up!!! fuck ya brooooootal as fuck!!

  13. This band and Rings Of Saturn are the most technical bands I have ever herd if you like these guys I encourage you to check out ROS you will be more then pleased

  14. “Music for gays”…Does this mean a gay guy/lesbian girl or a transsexual cannot love Metal?…¬¬.
    Being heterosexual doesn’t mean you must bash whoever is not. I am hetero but I know what’s RESPECT.
    Metal does not need that illiterate morons who still use “homosexual” as an insult.

    Awesome work, very talented guys, and the songs I’ve listened are great and funny. I’m gonna check the whole album for sure. After the split of Viraemia I thought I would have such sonic assault of ” Technical Wanking Metal” from Rings Of Saturn, as there are not singns of new works from Brain Drill and Slaughterbox. Thanks for the band for the promos, I’ve a new band to add to my gargantuan list now.
    Congrats for new bands of young and talented people, they have a promising future for their music.

    BTW: someone can tell the people scared of the numerous “child rape/ paedophile” words in this CD, they refer to the Christian Church and their abuse to children? Just read the interviews with the band. Any band who goes kick church’s ass have my friendship.

  15. they totally suck!!!(total shit) their music is so boring and pointless. cant even make out a word they are growling and screaming, just like most heavy metal bands. marilyn manson is so much better his music is heavy enough but you can atleast understand his singing.

    • You just posted that on a site called “no clean singing” just to point that out. Here are some lyrics for you to enjoy reading as you listen to a song, that is how you learn the lyrics for for your favorite mary lynn manson songs. It is also how you learn them for death metal. By the way, marilyn manson’s music is for people that live in trailer parks and have self esteem issues.

      6. Embryonic Fetish

      I make an incision in her skin from her ribs to her pussy lips. I peel
      her skin back to see her innards. Her eyes now roll back in her head –
      the bitch now wishes she was dead with her crucified family. As I look
      to see her womb I notice her beating heart pumping her blood onto the
      ground. One down – a billion to go; a list of women are dissected to
      know if they carry child and If they don’t we fuck them all anyway.
      These are the final stages: A holy conquest; official orders of The
      Pope; a catholic plague of hatred ready to wage war upon God. With new
      omnipotence of our great Pope we will overthrow our maker. The
      architect will fall to his creation. Through the oculus of the Vatican
      we ascend. We will rise to witness God’s demise. We now defy the
      prophecies of God.

    • exactly….

  16. This (and the new album) just tore my face clean of. Just awesome

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