Oct 182012

Back in August I was roughly the 63 millionth person to jump on the “Gangnam Style” bandwagon by posting PSY’s video for the song here at our metal site, undoubtedly provoking a bunch of disgusted noises from the more KVLT readers in the audience.

More recently, I got on another bandwagon just as it was beginning to roll by featuring the ridiculously insane and ridiculously funny new video for “Decapitation Fornication” by a multinational collective who call themselves Infant Annihilator, undoubtedly provoking a bunch of new disgusted noises from the more KVLT readers in the audience.

And what should I see this morning but a YouTube clip of Infant Annihilator’s metal remix of “Gangnam Style”. I ask you, how could I resist? The answer is, I could not.

There have been other metal covers and remixes of this song; I included one of them in the original post about the song. But this one is my favorite. I mean, if you’re going to metallicize the song you might as well repeatedly fuck it really hard and throw in some explosive breakdowns, too. 

Having heard this fucken song seemingly everywhere I turn for the last two months, even I am now ready for someone to put a stake through the heart of “Gangnam Style”, cut off its head, burn the body parts down to a pile of greasy cinders, and bury them in a slag heap. I now pretty much feel the same way about all the remixes and covers. Enough is enough.

BUT, I’m glad Infant Annihilator brutalized “Gangnam Style” before the slaughter begins.

And by the way, Infant Annihilator have made this cover available for free download here:




  1. absofcuigknlutely hilarious

  2. All I could think of was….the article I wrote for this very site!

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