Nov 142012

(We’ve written quite a lot already about the international trio known as Infant Annihilator, but a new album trailer gives us an excuse to do it again, via this post by TheMadIsraeli.)

Infant Annihilator is the fucking shit.  As hyperbolic and complimentary yet non-descriptive as that may be of me to say, I really don’t give two shits because this band know how to bring the br00tz in maximum force.  You can’t front on these dudes, you can’t tell me these guys don’t write some of the most technically accomplished yet well composed yet all over the place of the br00tality-spectrum tunes you’ve ever heard. UK-based  Eddie Pickard and Aaron Kitcher are truly accomplished practitioners of their craft and know exactly what extreme metal fans crave: utter fucking devastation.

Infant Annihilator label themselves a technical deathcore act, although this isn’t entirely accurate.  Take every form of extreme metal, whether it be death metal, deathcore, grindcore, black metal, or slam and mash it all together until you have some kind of fucked-up stillborn deformity of filth, and there you have Infant Annihilator.

We’ve already covered this band repeatedly since the unveiling of their genius video for “Decapitation Fornication”, but I’m really into them and really feeling what they’re bringing to the table.  Eddie (guitar), Aaron (drums), and beast-mode vocalizer Dan Watson (from Indiana) are set to unleash their sonic tome of chaos, The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution

The album will be a crushing, scathing critique of the Catholic Church, told through the voice of a delusional deranged priest who bears witness to mind programming, child rape, and murder — and participates in these depraved acts.

I’m fucking stoked for this.  Who else is?

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