Nov 142012

It was all of two days ago that we splashed the news across our site that two of metal’s genuine landmark labels — Earache Records and Osmose Productions — had established beachheads on Bandcamp for the first time. As of two days ago, Earache had uploaded high-quality digital files for albums from their catalogue by At the Gates, Napalm Death, Evile, and Rival Sons, while Osmose had delivered three classic albums by Norway’s Enslaved. But what they’ve each done since then has been equally mind-blowing.

We had gotten word that Earache was interested in suggestions about what albums they should prioritize for upload to Bandcamp, and I included my own short list in that previous post — a list that included Bolt Thrower’s legendary 1991 album War Master. And guess what! As of today, Earache has put War Master on Bandcamp HERE. Allow me to figuratively bow down in humble thanks. Actually, I think I’ll literally bow down, too. So stoked to see what they upload next . . . .

Not to be outdone, wait ’til you hear what Osmose has done: In just the last two days since we published that earlier post, Osmose has added to Bandcamp nine more albums — including the first six albums by the immortal ImmortalDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (1992), Pure Holocaust (1993), Battles In the North (1995), Blizzard Beasts (1997), At the Heart of Winter (1999), and Damned In Black (2003).

In addition, Osmose has added three more Enslaved albums: Blodhemn (1998), Mardraum-Beyond the Within (2000), and Below the Lights (2003).

In addition to the digital music, Osmose has also made it possible to order CDs, vinyl, and other merch related to these bands.

Honestly, all this news makes me giddy. To share in the giddiness, visit the Earache Bandcamp HERE and the Osmose Bandcamp HERE. And now let’s have some music, shall we?

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[bandcamp album=2027764281 bgcol=000000 linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]


  1. This is great news!!!! hope the continue to upload their roster.

  2. Fuck yes! Gonna stock up on some of the classics now, ignored the screams of pain from my wallet.

  3. Great news. As someone with two distinct eras of being into metal, the first one was mid 80s to early 90s and Bolt Thrower was one of my favorites. My second era of metal began about 18 months ago when I found No Clean Singing – since then I’ve learned about a lot of bands and sounds, so thanks for the quality and please keep it coming.

    • What a very cool thing to read! Thank you very much.

      • The exponential growth in bands, genres and scenes since the early 90s is pretty overwhelming and confusing sometimes, but thanks to you and some of the other blogs you’ve pointed to, i’ve begun sorting through it all and have found some great listens. So thanks for Black Breath, Nachtmystium, Asphyx, Agalloch, and more.

  4. This is awesome!
    But holy shitnuts, apparently it cost $19.14 to ship a CD to the US! I was super stoked to get a physical copy of some old Marduk stuff, but not for almost $30, too broke for that. Digital download it is…

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