Oct 142012

Just yesterday I was raving about the performance of Sweden’s Grave at the Seattle stop of their current tour with Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral, and what should greet my bloodshot eyes this morning than a video of the band killing it on stage. I’m not sure where this performance was filmed (it’s not from the Seattle show), but it’s damned cool.

Grave bassist Mika Lagrén attached one of those tiny cameras to the head stock of his bass and let it roll. You can see and hear frontman Ola Lindgren in the background and you can hear that nasty snare tone from the drum kit that I was talking about in the Seattle review. You might get a crick in your neck from watching this, but for me it brought back some very sweet recent memories of an awesome night of metal.

This morning, thanks to a message from TheMadIsraeli, I also caught up with the latest official music video from UK juggernauts Xerath, which debuted last week. The song is “Machine Insurgency” from the band’s most recent album, II (reviewed here). That was one of our favorite discs from 2011, and the song is a real ass-kicker.

Kudos to David Kenny and Shash Media for creating a visually arresting film clip for that song. As engrossing as the video is, however, I think it would have been even more fun to be one of the performers while it was being filmed, and I’m not talking about the Xerath dudes (though I had a blast watching them tear shit up, too). You’ll see what I mean.






  1. I was curious as to what that thing was. Ahriman from Dark Funeral had it set up on his guitar as well. It looks like it was filmed during the show I went to, judging by the stage layout (the PA’s in the front look a little different, if there was a date between your show and mine, it was likely filmed there), but the lighting isn’t as I remember it. However, I was also in the corner headbanging pretty hard.

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