Oct 162012

About three weeks ago, after a four-year wait, the fourth album by Finland’s Behexen — Nightside Emanations — appeared via their new label Debemur Morti. It’s an album I’ve been meaning to check out, because Behexen holds such a revered place among die-hard devotees of black metal. Today, that became a very easy thing to do.

DECIBEL magazine’s on-line site (here) has begun streaming the entire album in a feature that also includes an interview with Wraath, one of the two guitarists who joined Behexen after release of the band’s last album, My Soul For His Glory (2008). The new album reflects the contributions of those two, in addition to the band’s two original members, vocalist Hoath Torog and drummer Horns (both of whom are also in Sargeist).

At this writing, I’ve only made my way through the first half of the new album. I’m not sure how it compares to Behexen’s previous releases, but I’m liking what I hear. With the exception of the cathedral-organ “Intro” and “Circle Me”, which is a mid-paced, doom-laden crusher, the music is intense and furious. The vocals are vile, the guitars are flensing, and the drums are vicious.

DECIBEL was nice enough to run the stream in an embeddable player, so you can check out the album following the jump.



  1. Thanks Mr. Islander for this!!! great black metal band!!! Another record that goes to the list “Albums to buy thanks to NCS” 🙂

  2. I’m going to have to give this one more time, at first listen it wasn’t quite as good as “My Soul For His Glory”, but it wasn’t bad either, probably just needs a few more spins.

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