Oct 162012

Just over one week ago we released our first album of music in cooperation with GRIND TO DEATH. Entitled The Only Good Tory, it’s a compilation of 46 songs from 46 bands, focused on UK grind, powerviolence, harsh crust, and fastcore, and it showcases a tremendous array of head-wrecking talent.

Our goal for this release was and is solely to spread the music. Each of the bands agreed to contribute their tracks to this effort, and we in turn have made it available on the NCS Bandcamp page as a free download (along with accompanying tracklist and booklet of artwork for each song by Kex Whelan). In the 9 days since the Bandcamp page went live, we’ve had almost 5,000 song plays and nearly 500 downloads of the album.

We’re also having a limited edition run of cassette tapes made by the awesome DIY Noise, but we’re going to be giving those tapes away, too. Here at NCS, we’ll have a tapes to give away through a contest designed and judged by Special NCS Contest Consultant, Phro. More details about that will be forthcoming.

We’re also in discussions with a label who is interested in releasing the comp as a CD. Of course, we won’t do that without the consent of all bands, and in any case, no profit from any CD sales will go to us.

And last, but certainly not least, we have this one further update: We’ve added a bonus track to the Bandcamp album.

It’s a song called “Kill.The.Pheasants.Fuck.The.Peasants” that we previously featured here at NCS by a new band named Posh Cunt, the members of which are Grim Kim Kelly, Al Bulmer (Acral Necrosis and other UK bands), and Ryan Kasparian (Encrust). For those of you who have already downloaded the comp, this track is available for separate download (as are all the other 46 songs), and of course it will be included in the album download from this point forward.

If you haven’t yet explored The Only Good Tory, go HERE to stream and download the music.

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  1. Will there ever be a “The Only Good Tory” T-shirt?

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