Oct 292012

This is just a quick note about three full-album streams, two of which began today and one that started last Friday. In my humble opinion, these are albums worth hearing. They provide, after all, a better vehicle than any review for deciding whether the music is worth getting.


I’m very high on Widowmaker, the new album by UK’s Dragged Into Sunlight. I explained why in this review. I also pointed out that the album is really best considered as one long song divided into three parts. At the time of my review, the only thing available for public streaming was a preview clip. That was better than nothing, but for an album conceived and executed as a single work, there’s really no substitute for hearing it in that way. You can (and should) do that at the Terrorizer site: HERE


We’ve written quite often about California’s A Band of Orcs. Because we are no fools. Because when the Domination comes, only select humans will be spared. By sucking up relentlessly, I figure we’re improving our odds of survival. Orcs are mercurial and prone to unpredictable behavior when their blood is up, so there are no guarantees. So I’m performing a further act of obeisance by telling you that the Orcs’ debut album is now streaming in full.

The album is entitled Adding Heads To the Pile (you see what I mean?) and it will be released by Itchy Metal Entertainment on Halloween and can be ordered here. It includes this artwork:

Adding Heads is a concept album that reportedly features songs about “war, gold, and betrayal; featuring monstrous foes the likes of dragons, giants, titans, elementals, volcanoes, humans, chaos gods and more.” I haven’t yet heard it, but I have no doubt that it is some of the best extreme music produced in the last 1,000 years.  Strike that.  It is undoubtedly some of the best music of any kind produced in the last 1,000 years.

Fuck.  Strike that.  It is undoubtedly the best music of any kind produced since the invention of music. It can be heard in its entirety at Metal Underground: HERE



I’ve written often about Portland’s Atriarch, too. Atriarch are now on the Profound Lore label and their first PL release will be Ritual of Passing, scheduled to hit the streets on October 30. The extremely cool cover art up there is by Stevie Floyd (Taurus). The last time I wrote about them, they had debuted a track from the album named “Altars”. But beginning last Friday, Invisible Oranges began streaming the entire album.

The album comes with a “clean singing” warning, and therefore is an Exception to the Rule in this junkyard. I recommend you check it out . . . HERE.


  1. Well I take your word cause off all the bands NCS only one I did not like, after that it’s all hits (hence me being broke). So that Being said will listen to the streams and chances are that all of the bands will make my “Record to buy list”. Yeah the conclusion is clear “I’m a NCS bitch”.

  2. Pre-ordering the (white, which is sweet) vinyl of The Widowmaker right fucking now. My balls what a wonderful band these boys have put together.

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