Dec 032012

This morning brought us two noteworthy new songs.

The first is “Six Coffins Wide”, which will appear on the new Arsis EP Lepers Caress that Scion A/V will be releasing for free download tomorrow.

The second is “I: The Weapon”, which will appear on Cult of Luna’s new album Vertikal, which will be available in January via Indie Recordings. (Thanks to Karl-Göran for the tip on this one).

Of course, the songs are very different from each other. The Arsis is a blistering, groovy torrent, and of course it includes a sweet James Malone guitar solo. The Cult of Luna is more complex, more atmospheric, more mesmerizing. But I’ve been rocking out hard to both tracks and recommend that you do the same . . . right after the jump. Leave comments, too, with your reactions. Please.




  1. The Cult of Luna art immediately reminded me of Amesoeurs. Song was really great, but plateued around the 6 minute mark. Good atmosphere and sound when in the right mood though. Really refreshing song regardless, definitely want to hear what more their new album has to offer.

  2. Totally stoked for the new Cult of Luna! This song has made my morning a whole lot better!

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