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We’re getting close enough to the end of the year that we’re beginning to have a good idea about at least some of the 2013 albums that belong on a Highly Anticipated list.  Near the top of my list will be the new album from Rotting Christ. Which means, of course, that every time I get even the smallest morsel of news about the album, it will go straight into an NCS post. And so, I have this news, hot off the presses:

The album will be named ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟΝ ΔΑΙΜΟΝΑ ΕΑΥΤΟΥ (“Do What Thou Wilt”), and it has been scheduled for a March 5th release in North America by Season of Mist. It will be available as a CD, a double gate-fold LP, and a limited edition Digibox that includes a pendant in a velvet bag, a flag, and a Digipak CD with the bonus track “Welcome to Hel”.

Frontman Sakis Tolis has further revealed in a recent interview that he has been working on the album for more than a year, and that it was recorded in Athens and mixed in Sweden by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Opeth, Katatonia). He also said this: “I came up with our darkest outcome ever… It’s an interesting album, very apocryphal. It’s a multinational album; it is about underworld Gods inspired by different ancient cultures.”

Sakis’ statement seems borne out by the variety of names and languages reflected in the track list:

1.  In Yumen – Xibalba
2.  P’unchaw Kachun – Tuta Kachun
3.  Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
4.  Kataton Demona Eaftou
5.  Cine Iubeste Si Lasa
6.  Iwa Woodoo
7.  Gilgames
8.  Rusalka
9.  Ahura Mazda Anra Mainiuu
10.  666

Further updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the Rotting Christ website and Facebook page — and right here, of course.

By the way, I’ve added links to certain names and words in that track list for sum lernin’ about the subject matter from The Font of All Human Knowledge and other sources, at least as I can best decipher them.

And is that album cover hot shit or what?




  2. Normally I’m prefer more complex artwork in paint (Paolo Iforgethislastname) or made by a computer (Par Olofsson); but sometimes I often like simplistic paintings and stuff… and then on rare occasions I enjoy photos (I can’t think of any that I have enjoyed actually), and I like this. I think it’s a photo… it looks like one. Totally want the digipak.

    • Also, concerning the subject matter, I’m a little iffy on the fact that Sakis chose to move away from Greek mythology and stuff, even though I felt the lyrics weren’t all that clear (I need more of a backstory I guess); I liked the fact that this was a Greek band celebrating Greek mythology, I really like Greece (partially because of this band). Although I am interested in the new subject matter as well, I like the idea of covering gods from the underworld from multiple cultures.

      • I like the fact that Sakis is moving away from the themes of Aealo. I loved that album, but I think I would have been disappointed if the next one had stayed in the same thematic neighborhood. This branching out into other cultures and legends is cool. I’m really curious to see whether the band incorporates ethnic music from other lands into the music. For example, when I was doing the fast google searching that led to the links I added, I found some things which suggested that the fifth track could be a traditional Romanian song, and the sixth one is clearly about voodoo.

        • Interesting. Either way, I hope it’s great, although I like virtually everything they’ve done to some extent (the older stuff needs a bit of growing, but it’s not much different from “Theogonia” in my opinion, really only production is the biggest change), but you never know with Sakis; I’ve read some interviews and he really seems to get into wondering where to go with the next album. As long as they retain that sound of theirs I’ll probably love it. Maybe I’m just kinda leery of hearing it because of all the people who don’t like the stuff after “Triarchy”.

  3. I’ve never really listened to Rotting Christ much. I vaguely remember randomly picking up one of their CD’s in college about 10 years ago, but don’t remember much about it–nor do I have any clue where it is.

    So tonight, after reading this announcement, I decided to give one of their CD’s a listen while editing some reports. Ended up spending two hours jamming at a coffee shop (as much as you can jam to Black Metal-ish), listening fully to Triarchy and Sanctus Diavolos. I’m not a big fan of paid streaming services, but I keep a subscription with Mog for exactly these occasions–to truly sample new bands, before dropping some more $’s on their music. Sure paid off in this situation. Btw Mog has quite an impressive metal collection, and it’s setup so you can actually stream or download entire albums.

    Back to the topic: holy shit! I now feel like I need to buy RC’s entire repertoire! I felt a unique type of “groove” in their various takes on BM (and whatever else is mixed in), and granted this is just based on a single listen to two albums released 8 years apart. Am I about to get my mind blown away discovering their discography?

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