Jan 292013

I generally don’t see much point in trying to guess about a future event when all I have to do is wait a week and I’ll have the answer. But this time I just can’t resist.

What you see above is an image that appeared on the Scion A/V Facebook page late yesterday along with these words: “We’ve got something special coming to you from Meshuggah next Tuesday.”

By way of background, consider these facts. First, Scion A/V, that renowned automotive patron of metal, is sponsoring The Ophidian Trek 2013, which is Meshuggah’s up-coming North American tour with Animals As Leaders and Intronaut; it kicks off on Feb 11 in Orlando.

Second, Scion A/V also sponsored Meshuggah’s 2012 North American tour with Baroness and Decapitated, and to boost that baby Scion A/V made the lead track from Koloss (“I Am Colossus”) available for free download and financed a limited edition 7″ vinyl version of the song as a giveaway on the tour.

So, what will it be this time? Not another track from Koloss, because there’s no song on the album named “Pitch Black”, nor is there any such song on any other Meshuggah album.

Not a live video, because, again . . . there’s no Meshuggah song named “Pitch Black”.

It could be a cover, I suppose, though I browsed all the songs on Metal Archives named “Pitch Black” (here), and none of them really jumped out at me as a candidate for a Meshuggah cover.

Which leads me to conclude that what we have here is a new Meshuggah single. I suppose it could also be an EP, maybe with a live track included along with the new song. I’m guessing a live track at most, because more than one new song might be too much to hope for, since Koloss has only been out for 10 months.

Actually, there’s one other possibility: This thing is called “Pitch Black” because Meshuggah recorded a play-through of one of their Koloss tracks in complete darkness, with infrared Go-Pro cameras on their headstocks so we can see their fingers working, but they can’t. Or maybe no infrared cameras at all, just video of the band playing in a total absence of light.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m thinking that’s what those clever fuckers at Scion A/V have done — they’ve made a video of Meshuggah playing some song under conditions where they can’t see what they’re doing and no one can see them doing it!  Cutting edge shit, am I right?

So there you have it. You read it here first. Be sure to come back when “Pitch Black” is revealed next Tuesday and bow down before my prescience.

(thanks to TheMadIsraeli for pointing out that Scion A/V status)


  1. It’s Meshuggah plus grape flavoring. The first one won’t be so hot but they’ll nail it with Pitch Black II. They’ll take it off the market and then rebrand it for the Batman movie that will come out about two years later.

  2. What about leftover tracks from the koloss sessions? Meshuggah seem prolific enough. I cannot wait

  3. I don’t care what it is. It’s Meshuggah and that alone is worth my anticipation.

  4. a friend suggested that its a meshuggah board game.

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