Jan 292013

I love Bandcamp. I know that’s not a revelation, since I’ve been ejaculating my love for Bandcamp at NCS for years. But I have new reasons to love Bandcamp.

For example, Kroda. One of my favorite black metal bands on Earth, whose 2011 album Schwarzpfad was one of my favorite releases of that year in any genre. As of today, Schwarzpfad is on Bandcamp and available for streaming and digital download — the first time this album has become available legally as a download anywhere. This is the second Kroda album that has appeared on Bandcamp, joining the excellent 2012 release, Live Under Hexenhammer: Heil Ragnarok! Here’s the link, and the stream:


But that’s not the only Bandcamp news I want to share.

Late last year I wrote about a collection of new Fan Account features that Bandcamp had rolled out in beta test. On January 11, the Fan Account features became available to everyone (to learn more, go HERE). You can now establish your own Bandcamp page where all the music you’ve bought on Bandcamp (or just selected albums) will appear as your personal collection. You can share your page with other people on Bandcamp, which allows them to explore the collection of what you’ve acquired.

The collection feature doesn’t yet include albums you’ve downloaded for free — but Bandcamp’s operators say this about that: “We’re still considering how to best incorporate free releases into collection pages, just needs a little more mulling.”

You can also “follow” the fan pages of other fans (just as they can follow yours), and you’ll receive e-mail alerts when they download new music. The Fan Account also gives you the option of following bands and labels on Bandcamp, and if you do that you’ll get e-mail alerts when they add new music to their own pages.

Which is how I have learned that Earache has recently added to Bandcamp albums by the likes of Akercocke (Antichrist and Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone), Carcass (Symphonies of Sickness), and Woods of Ypres (Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light). Go HERE to see all those new offerings.

And those e-mail alerts also informed me that Debemur Morti has uploaded albums by the likes of Horna, October Falls, Arckanum, Infestus, Monolithe, Porta Nigra, and Wallachia (among others). All that lovely shit can be viewed HERE.

It’s also how I discovered that Agalloch have put the incredible Marrow of the Spirit on Bandcamp (here), and that new releases by Cloudkicker, Borracho, and Joel Grind’s Yellowgoat have also become available.

Well, you get the idea. I think this is cool shit.


A couple weeks ago I reported that kvlt metal album artist Toshihiro Egawa had created t-shirt artwork for the Japanese Kawai Metal band BabyMetal. The shirt is fuckin’ awesome, but not yet available in the U.S. It is, however, available in Japan.

As you know, Phro (of Phro Metal fame/infamy) lives in Japan. Phro has obtained said shirt, and as proof he sent me a photo that I’m about to show you. I wanted Phro to send me this shirt, y’know, because of all I’ve done for him, including all the things about him that I haven’t told his fiancé. But then he told me he had wiped semen on this one. I think he meant that as an enhanced shirt feature, but it’s making me feel queasy.

This has nothing to do with Bandcamp, of course, or anything else. Except the shirt still fuckin’ rules.

Well, not this particular, shirt, which apparently is now somewhat sticky or crusty.  Ewww!



  1. ohh that sexy Phro!!!! Islander should have taken the shirt with the enhanced feature. Great to see all the bandcamp updates!!! gotta love bandcamp

  2. Oh, Phro… You can always be counted on to make me laugh while simultaneously making me vaguely uncomfortable.

  3. Cool news about Kroda. I’ve been wanting to check them out in more depth since you guys rave about them, but I wasn’t willing to shell out for overseas shipping on CDs that I’d only been able to listen to a few crummy clips of.

    Of course, they will now be forever linked with the fear of seeing Phro’s gentleman vegetables, so the band is probably pretty much ruined for me, no matter how good they are. Thanks for that.

  4. Regarding the Phro Photo: I shouldn’t have looked at this part of the photograph, but now it is too late, and I might as well ask the question: What is going on right below the crotch? Are your drawers pulled down a little bit (and if so, why?), or is there something on the floor behind you? This is bothering and disturbing me. I hope it now bothers and disturbs everyone else. You’re all welcome in advance.

  5. Couldn’t be happier to see Porta Nigra and Wallachia up on the web proper. Listening to those albums again. 🙂

    • Yeah, I was really happy to see the new adds from Debemur Morti. The Monolithe album is also totally excellent. Some of the best funeral doom I’ve ever heard. Maybe because it breaks out into different styles from time to time.

  6. Did Phro have those tattoos on his arms before, and was he as bald before (around the time of his Anaal Nathrakh review)?

    Anyway, yay! Bandcamp fan accounts!

  7. Hahaha this is such a childish act by Phro. I never thought that he will pose a picture like this. Better take off that shirt too! lol

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