Feb 042013

Last week when I caught wind that Scion AV would be releasing something new from Meshuggah tomorrow, I ventured a guess that it would be a new Meshuggah song, perhaps as part of a two-track EP, maybe with a live track included along with the new song. Well, it turns out I was right.

Yes, Pitch Black is a two-song release with a previously unreleased studio recording from 2003 — “Pitch Black” — and a live track. The second track is a previously unreleased, live version of “Dancers To A Discordant System” from obZen. Both songs are very much worth hearing and having.

What do these songs bring? Here’s a partial list: brute, bruising, chugs with that reliable Meshuggah tone; spacey cosmic ambience; near-spoken-word vocals, some of it positively robotic; a fidgety, squirming guitar solo in the title track; and funky bass lines as the foundation for what sure as fuck sound like sax solos (or a guitar tuned to sound identical to one) on both songs.

The music is both cold and futuristic, and jazzy — which is usually the opposite of “cold and futuristic”. However, the combination of thuggish machine pummeling and fusion funk sure as hell works here.

Go HERE to download both songs for free. Listen to the title track below.

  10 Responses to “MESHUGGAH: “PITCH BLACK” IS NOW OUT!”

  1. Meshuggah <3

  2. Oh hey I think you missed it, Dancer to a Discordant System was in Obzen! Great Music it’s like oh my.

    • Thanks dude, I didn’t write that very well. The live track was previously unreleased, but you’re right that the song itself is not new. I’ve changed what I wrote to be clearer.

  3. Mhmmm’Shuggah

  4. Early candidate for Most Infectious Song 2013

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