Feb 132013

Phro has reviewed the music of UK-based Chemical Tomb for us before. Amazingly, they sent him their new 7″ split with Corrupt Humanity, which was released January 15. Allegedly, you can pick it up from GRINDFATHER PRODUCTIONSBlack Lake Records, and Aural Onslaught Records & Distro. You can also stream it on Bandcamp. The cover art is by Skillmatik.

Phro delivered unto me another of his now-legendary video reviews. Go ahead. Watch it:

“Like being attacked by a demonic Hello Kitty plushie.”

The part at the end kind of whizzes by faster than the human eye can detect. So, here’s what you missed:

And here’s the stream of the music from Bandcamp. Be sure to visit Phro at Phro Metal via this link.


  1. Thanks guys! One thing: artwork is done by Skillmatik (https://www.facebook.com/mrskillmatik), not Mark Riddick 🙂

  2. I suspect there will never be a time when these videos are not hilarious.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a way to purge the image of Phro’s sweatpant-clad testicles out of my brain.

    Aaaaand it’s already burned itself into my memory.

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