Mar 052013

About to begin Day 9 away from home. Still working day and night on that project for my fucking day (and night) job. Averaging four hours of sleep a night. Brain is fried. Unable to write complete sentences any more.

Wasn’t able to check my NCS email at all until late last night. Had no chance to surf the web for new music. Haven’t listened to metal in 24 hours. Starting to get the withdrawal shakes.

Did see these things when I checked my e-mail.


Fucking Immolation’s new album is named Kingdom of Conspiracy. Super-badass cover art was unveiled — created by the immortal Pär Olofsson. Super badass.

Saw an explanation by guitarist Robert Vigna:

“The figures in the artwork have all been bound and chained and have their eyes and mouths sewn shut symbolically, showing the chilling of speech and the intentional blinding of the masses.  They all make up the huge ominous structure behind them, which is symbolic of the growing security state as well as our failing structures today, and how they are slowly and methodically consuming and controlling us all. It has a very Orwellian feel to it, which is what we were going for since the album is very dark in a slightly different way.”

Album will be released on May 14 in North America both digitally and physically via Nuclear Blast. Very, very stoked for that.


Saw this new promo photo of Arsis. Also saw they announced the NorthAm release date for their new album — named Unwelcome: April 30.

Fuckin stoked for this too.


GSaw that Pig Destroyer released a “never before heard EP” entitled Mass &Volume. It’s a doom EP!  Dedicated to the memory of Pat Egan and his family. Fuckin’ looove to the cover art by Arik Roper. Can buy the EP here (all proceeds will be donated to the college fund of Pat Egan’s daughter Katie):

PD wrote and recorded the songs during final day of the Phantom Limb sessions. Two weeks ago, Relapse Records released Patlapse honor of Egan. 20-track comp featuring Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Brian Posehn, Red Fang, Death, many more. Includes a never-before-released track from Exhumed.

Comp is available via Bandcamp at this location for $5 or more. New EP is here:


Got a message from my man Vonlughlio. Told me about a label named New Standard Elite, specializing in brutal death metal. Found out from him they have a Bandcamp page and just updated it with releases. Shit looks disgusting. Check it here:

Facebook Page of NSE:

Probably won’t be able to post anything else today at NCS. Massive suckage. Head hurts. Shakes getting worse. Bye.


  1. Good news overall, although that Immolation cover art looks terrible.

  2. Dude hope you finish your project soon!!!!!! missing you!!! 🙂

  3. Red Tar is pretty friggin sweet! .. and doom from a grind band? Still is great

  4. New Standard Elite is the Sickest and most Solid label out there, fuckin nasty!

  5. Can’t wait for the new Immolation and Arsis. Definitely gonna check out the Pig Destroyer EP!

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