Mar 212013

2013 inches forward, bringing us closer to a host of new albums we’ve been highly anticipating, including the new release by NYDM veterans Immolation. Their forthcoming album is named Kingdom of Conspiracy, and it will be discharged on May 14 by Nuclear Blast.

Today, DECIBEL magazine began streaming the album’s title track at their online site, and man is it merciless. At the outset, the drums go at about 1000 bpm, the guitars grind viciously, and Ross Dolan sounds like a goddamned demon grisly bear. But the song is a lesson in shifting dynamics and the effective incorporation of infected melodies into descending waves of bludgeoning riffage.

There’s a reason why this band are still death metal royalty more than two decades after they began their musical life: they still know how to write songs that sink their teeth into your neck but keep your attention transfixed while you’re bleeding out.

The new record is available for pre-order by clicking HERE. Now go listen without delay at this location.


  1. hell yeah!!!! looking forward for this release!!!!! still have to wait till may 🙁

  2. Well that was pretty fucking awesome. I’m really not as familiar with Immolation as I ought to be. I got into them with the EP they released through Scion but my lazy ass just hasn’t gone and gotten ahold of more. Judging by this song I really ought to.

  3. Immolation is always at the top of my list of favourite death metal acts, and this sounds just as great as i had hoped! Looking forward to the release!

  4. Wow, that was quite badass. Now, the dilemma begins … do I go ahead and preorder the album … or do I wait until the Decibel show in Dallas and buy the album there?

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